Friday, August 30, 2013

Birthday Cinnamon Rolls {To Die For}

 It was his birthday - the 43rd, actually - and He decided to indulge in home-made cinnamon rolls. I snagged the privilege of making them for him and even allowed Kara and Becca to help me ;) I just love to bake...because even if the recipe flops, a few grateful siblings will still lick out the pan

There's lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of butter. 

We need to keep one things straight, by the way - butter is good for your brain. (Depending on which study you read ;)

Unfortunately, there's lotsa this stuff in there, too. 

Kara = helpin' me out :D


More butter :) *happiness*

And THIS is what you have to let rise. (By the way, this is definitely a time-consuming project.)

Kara and I found it necessary to abandon the first batch of dough that we tried. Therefore, we got out mom's trusty tried and true recipe, but thought we'd only make a fraction of there was a lot of math going on. (Hope nobody needs the recipe for Rhubarb Nut Bread anytime soon...)



There you have it. The perfect birthday breakfast...or any breakfast, for that matter.

We usually indulge in these at least once every might keel over a die of happiness if you had them more often. ;) 

And, look! I've even thrown the recipe in for free.

You're welcome ;)

                   Cinnamon Rolls
3 c. milk                                  3/4 c. butter
Heat till warm
2 packs yeast                            2 eggs
1 c. sugar                                  2 tsp. Salt
8-9 c. flour
Mix 4 c. flour, yeast, sugar, salt Add milk mixture. Add eggs & rest of 
flour. Let rise till double. Roll out into rectangle. Spread with Butter, cinnamon
& brown sugar. Roll up & cut between 1/2" to 1". Let rise till double. Bake
at 350 for 20 minute until done.


  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 to 6 tablespoons milk


    Jen said...

    The recipe card picture made me LOL!

    The rolls look so yummy...I was tempted to lick my screen. ; )

    Elisabeth said...

    If these are the same as you brought to PA, they are delicious!

    Lucille said...

    Look so yummy, now I want to indulge!

    Anna said...

    Thanks, Mrs. Green!

    Yep, this is the recipe we used for the cinnamon rolls we had last week, Sister Elisabeth. Really enjoyed spending the weekend with you guys!

    Sister Lucille: Go ahead;) It'll probably make me feel better to know somebody else has stomped all over their healthiness regime, too. lol:) I'm JUST getting back into mine...

    UHI23 said...

    I love the smell of cinnamon bread, especially when they are freshly baked. Its aroma makes me really hungry :)