Friday, July 5, 2013

I just can't find a washrag... (Random post about packing for Camp)

"I'm nearly done packing," I croaked - exhausted.

"Really?" - She closed the door to the 'fridge and waited for me to get a drink of water.

"But I can't find a washrag," I moaned, "I've looked everywhere."

"Did you try the white load downstairs? It just came out of the dryer."

"Yeeeeeesss....there's nothing in there but cleaning rags."

She grinned. 

I rolled my eyes.

We're leaving for Camp tomorrow at four o' clock in the morning - therefore, every drawer has been peeked into, every laundry basket searched, every precaution for car-sickness taken, the bathroom cleaned/groceries bought...and we're almost ready.

Low and behold. Can you believe I got this shut? I still wish I could stuff the iron in there...but I'm pretty sure it would have been broken by the time I got through smashing the suitcase closed.
I think I have everything I need to keep me looking semi-normal under Camp Conditions (super-hot weather, late nights, early mornings and semi-dehydration)...the biggest hurtles that I still have to deal with are the farmer's tan that I got from setting up/filling bee-boxes (picture below - this is before we filled them with frames/stacked them) and the lack of an iron...otherwise, I should be okay.

I hope.

I think all I have left to do is clean the bathroom mirror for mom and tidy up the rooms I'm in charge of.
Oh, yeah.
 And I should charge my phone. 
(Anna Pyatskowit nearly-never remembers to charge her phone. :P)

Other than that, I'm counting the hours until supper time (Dad's grilling pork tenderloin!!!) and doing my best to avoid the strawberry-glace pie we're  they're having for dessert. 

Wish me luck!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My day was very special - I plan to write a post on it soon.


Grace said...

I wish I could have gone! But it just didn't work out this time :( I hope you have the best time ever at BYC this year!! I hope one day we get to meet each other! Well, I guess we will in Heaven, if not on earth :D

Elisabeth said...

Are you all getting into the bee business?

Anna said...

Nope. Just workin' for a bee-keeper. (How cool is that?!)