Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I Just Watched God Do

We were having Special Meetings with Brother Darrel Ward from TN last weekend. We'd done a lot of praying before these meetings, that God would really deal with our hearts.

Toward the end of the Sunday service, the Spirit of God was really moving among the people - you could feel His presence. Brother Darrel called Isaac over to him because he had seen how Isaac's hands had been bothering him all weekend. ("Tormented" is the only fitting word.)

                                      He prayed that his hands would be whole in "three sunrises". 

Below is a picture of  Isaac's hands on the third morning after the prayer.

You can see for yourself - God still hears and cares about his people! I'm so glad His power is still real.
On top o' that, I'll let your hear mom's side of another testimony a couple days later.
"Bro. Darrell {had} instructed him to put the prayer cloth he gave Isaac under his pillow. {After he'd prayed over Isaac's hands.} Last night Isaac caught the "bug" that Becca had the night before (headache and vomiting). I made him some hot tea and fixed him a bed on the couch preparing for an "all-nighter". Isaac told me to make sure to put his prayer cloth under his pillow. The girls and I went for a walk and were gone 30 minutes. When we returned, Isaac was up, feeling well, and asking for something to eat because he was "starving". So thankful for God's healing touch!"
Does anyone have a testimony of what God has done for them?

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Elisabeth said...

I loved hearing this testimony of Isaac's healing at camp but it wasn't till later that I realized it was your brother.

But i never heard about his "bug". Praise the Lord for being the same, yesterday and forever.