Monday, April 29, 2013

And the forms came.

They Came.

The Camp forms came. I haven't been quite so excited about anything this year as I am for B.Y.C.

So, in celebration, I'm posting some pictures from last year (that I never got around to posting last summer.) Perhaps my fellow Camp-goers will be excited by the rememberance. :) I'm also going to post an encouraging quote that will {hopefully} inspire you like it did me.

Me and two of my closest friends. (Love you, girls!!!)

Cheye, Loretta and Serenity

More friends!  (And the littlest is my youngest sister :)

Brother Darrell Ward's testimony is amazing. His daughter was going to die after a train/car crash that killed two other people. There was no possible way for her to live. He claimed her healing - and now she's perfectly whole, to the glory of God. 
Brother Darrell is coming to preach for us on the weekend of June 15th, if you want to hear it for yourself - He'll probably tell it again. You should watch the testimony video - I gaurantee you'll cry. :P

Choir practice

Three wonderful ladies: Mom, Nathalie Gibbs and Elisabeth Wallace

Girls, doesn't this picture bring back memories?!

More practicing :D
"If you want to be an indebtiment to the meeting, just don't pray. If you want to be the greatest help this meeting can have, it's not financially; here's the greatest help you can be to this meeting: set aside an hour or two every day that you pray for the meeting."
"Go out and visit someone if the Lord puts on your heart and bring them into the meeting. Then pray that God will save them when they're in there if they're not saved, heal them if they're not, if they're sick and in need of healing. That's the greatest contribution that you can give to any meeting is to pray and seek God to help in this time of trouble."


Sanger Family said...

Summer Camps are so exciting! :)

Just wondering, are you going to Still Waters Camp this summer?


Anna said...

Hi Kaitlyn!

I don't think I'll be coming - normally the church goes to B.Y.C. every summer. :)

Love you!

Zoƫ said...

Still making up our minds! It would be lovely to see you once again though :) I miss you!!!!! If we are not able to come, you really need to visit me... just hinting... lol

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog a lot lately, and your posts are VERY thought provoking, thank you!!

So, I've heard of B.Y.C. before, but I never really quite knew what "message" they taught. Could you summarize like "What they believe"? From reading your blog and seeing pictures and things, I am gathering that our beliefs are very similar. So, since I'm considering going to B.Y.C. next year, would you recommend it to me? It sounds like a great learning experience!!

Oh, this question might be important--I live in the southern border of Wisconsin, but my parents are willing to take me long distances, where is it? ;)

If you could get back to me, that'd be much appreciated! :)

Blessings, Charity

Anna said...

Hi Charity!

I'd be happy to explain it to you - and I'd DEFINITELY recommend B.Y.C. It's awesome. I can tell you more about it and answer your questions best if we emailed back and forth

My email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you!