Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Day of Spring "Photography"

Anna Pyatskowit is not a photographer. She is attracted the idea of trying - it's fun to pose people and capture unforgettable moments to look at forever. (Or something like that.) So today, this second day of spring, she decided to have a "photography" session with three of her most favorite things on earth. Namely: 
1. Miss Rebecca Ann Pyatskowit
2. Miss Kara Lynn Pyatskowit (who wasn't much interested in posing today - which is why I only took enough of her time for a couple photos) 
3. Mr. Isaac Peter Pyatskowit.

She gave it a whirl. Here's what she did: 

For fun: If you had a photography business what would you call it? 

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Mom said...

Lovely Photos, Anna!