Friday, January 18, 2013

A Peak Into My Room

After much thinking, hoping and praying, my room is not finished, but very, very,very much farther along on the journey. :) It's been a really fun project.  I picked yellow for the walls and did my painting somewhere around the end of August.

A few days later I found a comforter at Goodwill (love that store!) and the little yellow pillow, too. This took  about twelve dollars. (I kid you not.)

These serve as a centerpiece for my dresser (which we girls have had long as I've been born. So, at least 16 1/2 years. :D). I bought the jewelry box quite a few years ago and the lantern was a gift for my 14th birthday. You can't see it, but I've also thrown some "memory" into the mix by putting three rocks from the shore of Lake Superior on top of the jewelry box. 

I love lace curtains. (Becca, Kara and I made snowflakes for Art class - they make great decorations!)

Kara bought me this hair accessory board. It works very well - I hung it on the back of my door (between both mirrors in my room) where I like to fix my hair. 

I was super excited to finally put pictures in the frame one of my friends had given me for my 15th birthday. (Thanks Maria!)

I bought a bulletin board at the beginning of the school year to post Becca's accomplishments on...but, eh, it turned into a plain ol' bulletin board for whatever happens to need a spot on the wall. 

My hope chest doubles as a bookshelf :)

Gotta love bunk-beds!


Sorry 'bout the quality, *cough* but this is the photo collage for the main wall in our bedroom. Isaac knew I would love this sticker and bought the perfect gift for me. :) I bought the photo frames at Walmart for three dollars each. (Awesome, right?)

Anyway, that's a peak into my room. I have yet to find a mattress for the top bunk and would like to make the quilt to go on top of it. I really should paint the ceiling and trim, and the wall on the other side of our bed needs a second coat of paint. (I ran out.) But, all in good time. :) 


Gracie said...

I love your room! It's so cozy :). And yellow is the perfect color for a bedroom. It's all bright and sunshiny :D

Zoƫ said...

love it...and my favorite part of your room is in the last photo! I love pictures and wall art is awesome!
You have a really cute room Anna!

Elisabeth said...

Very cute. The yellow is a pretty color and like Zoe, I love that wall art. Isaac has good taste. :)

Leah Nicolette said...

Beautiful! I also have the books by Debi Pearl and Jasmine Baucham. Thanks for sharing Anna!

Leah Nicolette