Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taking Advantage of Vacation

Today, dear friends, is the very first day of our two-week vacation from school. I'm getting ready to head into the "blizzard" outside and have a sledding/snowman making session with my wondifferous siblings.

I have all sorts of plans for the next two weeks; there certainly won't be a whole lot of resting going on...but then again, my schedule isn't that busy. I'm hoping to use all sorts of different "ings" though.
(Singing, quilting, sewing, baking, eating, sledding, ice skating, laughing, planning, organizing, celebrating - It's Kara's birthday tomorrow! - reading and learning.

Yes. I said learning.

Just because school has stopped for a while doesn't mean that learning does; in fact, now is the perfect time to explore your interests. (Self-education sticks the best, I think.) I'm planning to spend a few hours reading some books on Wisconsin History and the War of 1812, not to mention the hands-on projects that I haven't gotten around to yet.

Anyway:: It's also my little sister's birthday tomorrow...Kara's going to be 14. (Does anyone agree that little sisters aren't supposed to be FOURTEEN?)  She's a talented, beautiful, caring young lady with amazing self discipline and inspiring cooking abilities. Her photography is a wonderful thing to behold, as well. ( I'm very thankful for her. (Wish her a happy birthday, won't you?)

Otherwise; what are you planning to do over winter vacation? Any projects?

Here's some inspiring things that I'd like to try:
I wear denim skirts all the time, but don't have any flowers that match. :D (Hopefully I can fix that before vacation is over.)

I'd like to set the table like this for one'd just be kinda fun. (Minus the wine glasses, obviously.)

Cute centerpiece for one night...

I'd love to make a skirt like this, but I don't have this exact pattern. I plan to try a different one, anyway...
Happy Vacationing!

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Zoë said...

love this :) miss you!