Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who I'm Thankful For

I never really started to write a list of things that I was thankful for...but somehow my thoughts turned there by themselves.

I was kneeling by my bed this morning, bringing some things before God. While I  was still committing these issues into his hands, a smile crept over my face as I realized, "Lord, above all else, You are what I'm thankful for."

It's taken awhile for my eyes to really see past the "Jesus loves me this I know" in Sunday school. It needed to become more than a song. He turned into a love story. He made it real.

Jesus Christ came down from glory over two-thousand years ago and died the most horrible death a human could endure after suffering rejection throughout his whole lifetime. He was tempted of the devil, scorned by the religious leaders, beaten by Roman soldiers, forsaken by his friends, and finally even God turned His face from Him as the sins of the world - my sins - laid heavy on one who never sinned in the first place.

Thousands of years later, He knew that "Anna Pauline Pyatskowit" would be born in a hospital room in Shawano Wisconsin on July 3rd, 1996. He knew it would be a Wednesday and who the doctor was. More than that,  I believe He was there that evening, making sure everything went alright.

Since then, I wonder how many times His angels have protected me from things that I never even knew about.

He's there when I'm singing praises with all that is within me.  He answers prayer and has been my friend when I felt like I didn't have one left. He's had patience when I'm back on my knees praying "I'm sorry, Lord, but I need help with this again." He sees me and knows exactly what's wrong inside when nobody else does...yes, more than all the material things He's given me, one of the things that I love most about Him is that He's personal

"I know your name, Anna.  I know every little thing about your life. I'm the Lord that heals you. Put your trust in me, don't worry about anything. I know you need clothes, I know you need food. Look at these lillies. Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If you ask anything in my name, I'll do it. Just believe. I'll be your friend when those around you leave. I've filled you with the Holy Ghost and I'm making you ready to come live with me. I love you. I love to hear your prayers. Don't worry; those who trust in me will not be dissapointed."

He's personal. He cares. So many times I have no idea why he loves me that much. I frustrate myself with slip-ups and failures...but He's still there after I've hurt him with disobedience, when my sins have bruised His heart. He's still ready to forgive and is wanting to help me.

This post doesn't quite explain how I love Jesus Christ, or even half the beautiful things that He's done for me, but I wanted to give Him praise on Thanksgiving. The season is about HIM, after all.

Remember, "The Lord loves the prayers of the righteous." Why don't we spend some time thanking Jesus? He deserves our time.

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