Saturday, November 24, 2012

Healthful Views

On a cozy fall day, just after Thanksgiving, a Momma of Anna Pyatskowit's was sitting on the couch drinking a hot chocolate and relishing the smell and look of a clean house. (She had just finished cleaning it with her daughter.)

Anna put on her psychiatrist's glasses and begins to question her mother. Dr. Pyatskowit, scribbles her findings, below.

As for the patient:

She felt that hot chocolate was the best drink in the whole wide world, and as she rubbed her forehead and closed her eyes, said that she felt depressed about not being able to have it for the next month. She said that, despite this depression, she still will not be having it in the next month.

"Well, brownies aren't quite as good as hot chocolate, but they're almost as good." She said next, but then, with a groan, she admitted that "No, I won't be having those either."
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