Friday, November 30, 2012

Anna's Nutty News: Fridays

Top of the afternoon, to each of you! Today is the sixth day of the week. Here's a list of things to do (and don't) in order to have a wonderful Friday. - The Editor. (Respectively.)

DO: Sleep in 'til your mother comes to cheerfully rouse you out of bed. You'll feel special when she comes to wake you up.

DON'T: Settle for an every-day hairstyle today. Try a side-bun, or herringbone braid, or something. (I tried both...I'm pretty excited how they turned out.)

DO: Have a splendid time of devotions before tackling your schoolwork. You'll feel fresh and clean afterwords.

DON'T: Make a cream-cheese and shaved-turkey roll (sliced into cute little rounds) to put on your salad. It just isn't apealing on this Friday.

DO: Try thinly slicing a pickle to put on the (above) salad. It's actually very good.

DO: Be sure to say something nice to each of your family members today. Take a few minutes to read a story, give a hug or smile. It'll probably make somebody's day.

DON'T: Give into temptation and be overwhelmed by schoolwork or the cleaning that's scheduled. If it's God's will for you today, "Live it to the hilt!"

DO: Think up something exciting to make for supper. (I've been looking forward to the "Fish and Chips" Mom's making tonight since I heard about them!)

DON'T: Let anything vanquish your good attitude. (Nothing. It has the potential to wreck everyone else's day, too.) Ask God to help you, when temptation knocks on your nerves.

DO: Sing. It's good to give God praise, and I think it lifts your spirit as well. :)


Anna said...

Oh. And whatever you do, you certainly MUST say "Yes!" if your dad asks you to "cash his check" at the bank with him. You might end up heading to the coffee shop for hot chocolate, then the Library for some good reads, not to mention the great conversations. :)

Mom said...

Glad you had a nice day! Thanks for all of your help.

Bethany Grace said...

Made me smile. :)

Anna said...

Thanks, Bethany. :) You made ME smile. :D

Lauralea said...

"Don't let anything vanquish your good attitude." YES! We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against Satan!
And I love the happy Friday art... might just use that for my blog sometime!
Definitely following!