Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Place

 Maybe it's your quick wit that keeps people cheerful when something tough has happened. It could be your gentle spirit that comforts tired, teary souls. Perhaps, you are a silent, calm type who has striking wisdom (don't we all wish this were us?;) that helps in any situation.

 Maybe you're gifted in music and are sharing it with others. Maybe you can't sing a lick, but your cheerful whistle adds charm and sunshine to gloomy days. Maybe your laughter adds life and warmth to happy occasions. Maybe you are the amazing chef in your household. You could be the quickest in the family; the one who always has the answer ten times faster than anyone else. Wherever your area of expertise is, life wouldn't be the same without you.

We all have our little niches and gifts that others recognise as, distinctly, our own. Our gifts are sometimes irreplaceable in the circle of friends, family and sometimes, everybody who knows us. People need our gifts - and we need to feel needed.

Somehow though, through the course of time, we get to that place, familiar to most of mankind, whereat we feel that nobody needs us, nobody loves us, and our place has been filled by another.

We sit in "The depths of despair", hugging our knees to our chins, shaking with silent sobbing, turning over the hurtful instances that {most likely} nobody thought would be grievous, wondering "Why I'm here in the first place!"

It is at this point that I am typically stopped in my tracks as the answer stands firm, true and faithful before me. "You're here because God wants you here."

Another tear rolls down my cheek and I realize that it's true.

This is the realization that we should focus on. What makes you special, is not that you can speak in 53 different languages, or that you can run 28 miles without stopping. Neither is because your chocolate cake is the best in your whole neighborhood, nor that your musical talent is so needed in your area. You are special because God made you for a specific reason...He chose you to be a part of His perfect plan and equipped you perfectly for the job he made you to fill.

This is where our identity lies. In Christ.

When we think of ourselves this way, striving for a special place or position isn't the foremost thought in our minds. We don't have to feel like a purposeless creature when "nobody cares about me or needs me anymore." Why? {Bringing it back to the personal level}. Because God knew your name before the foundation of the world. He knew that on "October 24th 2012" you would feel like you didn't have a friend in the whole wide world. He knew what color your hair would be, that you stubbed your big toe that morning, that nobody seemed to care how hard you worked for them,  that you were having a really, really, really bad day and that you were so tired of crying you didn't have enough energy to cry anymore. And today, He sees you right where you are and wants to hold you in His arms and give you strength again. He loves you.

That's why you're special.


Bethany Grace said...

That 'place' sounds very familiar. *sighs* I wish that whenever I felt the most unneeded, unnoticed and unspecial I seem to always forget that it's a lie! *smiles*

Miss you Anna!


Anna said...

Love you, Bethany! Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

Elisabeth said...

More words of wisdom, Anna. You have a gift in this.

I went through exactly what you've described when I was younger. Let me tell you from experience that when you stop thinking of yourself and how you "feel" (which really isn't true most of the time - feelings lie!) you can put your energies into others and THEN you become even more attractive to others. By giving you actually receive. Growth and maturity start to happen.

Anna said...

Sister Elisabeth:

Thanks you for the advice!I can really see how this would work..."It is more blessed to give." So true.

Thank you, too, for the encouraging words. :)