Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn Inspirations

Do you see this thing?
It's a maple leaf. A colored one. Not one that you'd find on a tree in the summertime. Why? Why am I posting a colored maple leaf? Because it's FAAALLL! Or, almost anyway.
It'll be beautiful. Not the maple leaf, mind you, but the trees. ;)
I love autumn. I think it's a pretty popular season, actually.
What, in a jumble, are 10-or-so of your favorite autumnish things? Here's an example:
Denim jackets, updoes, leaf-shaped cut-out-cookies, Thankskiving smorgasboard in Ohio with music and laughter, another Thanksgiving smorgasboard in Wisconsin with football, and "Rooster", Dad's squirrel hunting after work that fades into deer hunting on Saturdays, pumpkins and my puffy red winter coat, snapping, comfortable fires in my grandparent's stove and sledding. Yes. Sledding. (The snow flies early here in WI.)
How about you?
There's about 20 other things that I could think of right now... (Like my Uncle's wedding and the giant "get together" we're having out at "Camp Romberg"...BUCKEYES! (Have you ever had one?) and evenings wherein the kitchen is busy with people making supper while "Stories" are on the radio and a coffee-scented candle fills the house with comforting smells.)
Well, enjoy your last warm days! Fall is on the way!
(And please don't forget to share your word-collage!)


Katherine said...

cool post and yes I still can't believe it's fall either! :)

Ireland said...

FINALLY FALL!!!! :) AND I awarded you!!! :)

Anna said...

Thanks, Ireland! :)