Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Amazing Calling

Lately it's come to my mind how wonderful the place that God has given women is. Modern society and I see the Biblical placement of women very differently. To me, it's a dream; elegant, beautiful - and yet, a battle.  To them, it's slavery. Gray. Boring. Around-the house. Slavery.

Poor them.

When I think of a woman's place, I see so much more. I watch as springing, bouncing girlhood merges into gracious womanhood and childhood dreams unfold - I see, in this place,  that I get to be beautiful, be feminine - be the weaker vessel who is protected by one who cherishes her.

 In this place, I'm the tender-hearted one who kisses tear stained cheeks and holds little girls close when their worlds seem to be falling apart.  I get to see beaming, toothless smiles as, one by one, each child finally pulls his first tooth. I get to be the one that teaches my little ones to read. I get to be the one that shivering little bodies curl up against during thunderstorms.

I get to have diversity in my every day life - I can be a teacher, a nurse, a seamstress, an interior decorator, a chef, a cleaning lady, a taxi driver, a musician...and it goes on and on.

I get to create the smells that waft through the household in the evenings - tantalizing anyone close enough to get a sniff. I get to turn a house into a peaceful sanctuary where a husband and children can find rest from the world outside.

I get to be there when my little girl is bubbling over with excitement.  I get to teach my son what it is to be a Godly man. I get to be there with open arms when disappointment stings or hard situations mold character. I get to be a comforter. I get to be a listening ear. I get to be someone who's trusted with the "secretest" secret. I get to do what I'm made to do. I get to be a woman - who is made to be a help meet for man.

I am challenged to raise sons that will rise above the world's stifling realm that has them curling up under a woman's rule. I'm challenged to raise men like John Wesley and Joseph from the Bible, who let God use their vessels, who stood for the truth no matter the cost. I'm challenged to be a tool in God's hand for them.

I am challenged to raise daughters like Susannah Wesley who will raise their children to serve the Lord and will be devoted to God themselves - women like Ruth, who will be industrious and unselfish - Women like Esther who aren't afraid to stand up under the pressure of the world and take their God-given places as help meets.

I am challenged to help, encourage, pray for, listen to and lighten the load of my husband. I'm challenged to lay aside my own wishes when it's 10:30 and he wants a bowl of popcorn, or he wants me to go fishing, (hunting, etc.) with him after work.

It's a battle. It's hard work. But there are joys and blessings that come with it.

Oh, yes. There are blessings- so many blessings - in this place. For every dark night, there's joy in the morning, and some sweet morning I'll find that it's never going to end and I'll hear my Savior say "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter ye into the joys of your Lord."

help·mate: a person who is a companion and helper ; especially:wife
To me, that isn't dull. That's what I'm made to do. It's my calling. It's my dream. It's my life's work.


Bailey said...

This is beautiful, Anna...but I'm confused -- you're not married yet. :)

Not all women get to experience the challenges, joys and blessings of wifehood. Not all wives get to experience the challenges, joys and blessings of motherhood.

That doesn't mean unmarried or childless women are any less women or any less fulfilled. It just means that God calls different women to different seasons at different times.

I look forward to perhaps loving a husband, caring for sweet babies and running my own home -- but I love being able to devote myself single-heartedly to the Lord right now as an unmarried young woman. There are so many needs unmarried women can meet -- think of the women who ministered to Jesus and with Paul as well as all the female missionaries who took in orphans, spread the Gospel and discipled others.

I'd encourage you to not lose sight of this beautiful dream but to also embrace this time you have now as a precious gift from God as well!

Love you!

Anna said...

@ Bailey:

When writing this post these questions came up in my mind as well!

It's true that sometimes it doesn't turn out like this for every woman/girl. This is a dream that (I think) lives within the heart of every woman - we're made to do this. It doesn't always happen, but it is God's orignal purpose for us - though choices and hinderances sometimes block the path.

I'm certainly all for realizing that God (Our first priority IS to serve Him) can use us right now; whoever we are, however old and in whatever station in life (as you can tell from some of my recent posts). This post is just a desire of all girls, at least, to some degree. (Career-destined women would still love to hold and have children and, goodness me! every pre-teen girl wants to be loved and cared for by a man!) It's our dream, because it's what we're made to do.

I just wanted girls to embrace their feminine places instead of seeing anything to do with traditional housework, wifery and motherhood as "beneath" them. God has given us a beautiful place!

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Makes me so thankful that God created me to be a helpmeet and mother. Truly inspiring!

Anna said...

Thank you, Anonymous! :)