Saturday, August 4, 2012

On His Birthday

I have thought and thought over this post...trying to figure out what to say. It needed to be just right...

And I'm still kind of stuck as to how to go about it.

How do you write about someone so special, so patient, so wise without making it sound sappy? How do you show everybody how amazing he is without leaving an "Oh, she's just proud of her dad" impression? How do you make someone who is such a huge, important part of your life know just how much you appreciate him?

I'm not exactly sure - other than to pray that he knows enough of the height and width and depth of it to feel special.

My Dad turned 42 yesterday. He put his arm around my shoulder and said in a reminiscing sort of tone... "Wow. Our little girl is growing up...she was out at all hours last night driving to her own babysitting jobs. Time sure has flown." He laughed with mom about how I used to sing "Just to have a little "chocolate" Jesus makes it right" and spent the whole morning with us - making this "Friday" a special occasion. Not just because it was his birthday, but because when he's home, his being there makes it a special occasion.

I've been singing his praises from the rooftops of this blog on every birthday - his streak of mischievousness, his strong relationship with God, his steadiness, the way he seems to know just how I work, what I'm probably thinking...his musical gift, his strong, manly character...

I'm so blessed to have someone so special in my life that I can look up to and follow.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me someone that I love so much. Thank you for someone who cares about me - I know there are other Dads who wouldn't. Thank you for molding and shaping him into the wonderful man that he is today. I know you've definitely used him in my life. (And still are.) He's encouraged, he's taught, he's prayed, he's loved, he means so much to me. Thank you for giving me such a blessing. Thank you for someone that I'm proud of. Thank you for my Dad.

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