Saturday, July 7, 2012

Victory Is Mine

He looked down and saw her there in that dark prison, chains shackled her hands and feet, her eyes were bleak and He knew that she felt defeated.

He knew that it was her own fault that she was this way - she was the one who surrendered her joy when His word said to "trust". She was the one who decided to go crazy and try to figure it out when He generously offered to take her cares upon Himself. He knew that she deserved every last affliction that she had walked into.

He was hurt as her sins slapped His face. When He had died to set her free -  in blood, gruesome pain, complete torment, rejection and excruciating thirst - she walked over His act of love for her and stepped into her own agenda, sending a stab of rejection into the heart of He who loved her most.

Yet, as He saw her in the prison, His heart yearned for her.  He whispered gently, "You can be free."

Promptly, the keeper of the prisoners whispered just as softly "God doesn't love you. If he did, why hasn't he delivered you yet. You. You - who prayed at the altar 'til all hours last night seeking deliverance - yet you felt nothing. You heard nothing. As those around you rejoiced and danced in the His spirit, you wasn't fair. God is not fair. Those promises are not for you."

God was not surprised at all. He waited, knowing what her answer would be, wanting her to see how ready and willing He was. If only she would believe what He said, oh, He would restore her joy, He would show her His love, He would set her free from the torment and confusion.

Gently He placed His finger on another tool and spoke: "Get up and claim your victory! Jesus Christ bought your victory, your salvation, your healing at Calvary 2000 years ago - all you have to do is accept it!" The girl because excited as she heard the minister, and she warmed inside.

"No," the prison keeper whispered, hiding his panic skillfully, "That wasn't God's answer to you - how could it have been?"

"It's yours!" God replied, anointing His tool to send His message "Take it! Confess it! It will come to pass!"

Jesus whispered in her heart; "I want to give you these things more than  you even want them, I love you - I know every last thing about you. I knew when you cried in the dark, I knew when your heart ached. I knew when you needed a friend, I knew when you felt that nobody understood. I knew everything when you felt you couldn't tell anybody else about it. I see the light bulb that's blown in the lamp by your bed, I know where the socks you couldn't find last night are. I know your friends and those who hurt you. I care.  I have my angels watching over you - I love you.

 Satan doesn't even own the keys to the prison anymore. I do. I want you to be free - I want you to be happy."

But the prison keeper came back "How could it be? You don't have solid proof to back that up it's not natural. There's nothing for your human mind to grasp that with. You can't believe it. Sure, it's yours if you believe, but you just can't believe it."

"Ask anything in my name and I will grant it," ran through the girl's mind.

A wise voice counselled, as God spoke again, "You have to claim it. Confess it."

Finally, quietly, with no tingle in her heart, no mighty sweep of power that picked her up off of her feet, she recognized God's definite answer.

She close her eyes and lifted her hands, thanking God again for what he did, his love, his revelations, his mercy, what he went through at Calvary - and she watched as her chains fell off, one by one and the devil was exposed.

She found love she'd never recognized before, the most sacrificial One she could ever trust, a hero that could always be counted on, joy, peace, thanksgiving, and victory over many other things.


If the devil is cheating you of victory or telling you that you don't have the power to overcome, that healing and victory aren't for you - Ask God for help! Pray to Him who loves you more than you even know. Rise up and claim it, thanking Him.

God doesn't give one child an ice cream cone and tell another they can't have one. What He's done form me and others, He'll do for you!

When the devil comes with a handful of symptoms or "logical evidence" for why God's answer  isn't real, ('Cause believe me, he's going to)  just swing the sword of God's word, no matter what you feel.

You'll say this:

 "By his stripes I'm healed, whatever I ask in his name, according to his will, is mine - so I'm claiming what's mine. I've got the victory."

The devil will say this:

"Oh yeah? How can you say that? You're not God's child - those promises aren't for you! You don't have the faith."

But you can say this:

"It's mine because GOD SAID SO."

Overcome by "it is written."

I know you can. That girl was me.

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Judy's World~Anything goes said...

Great post Anna, I just had to comment. It's always amazing to take God's Word no matter how "simple" it may sound because it does hold power. All we need to do really is ONLY BELIEVE for ALL things sure are possible! It's as real as real can be :)