Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

I think this captures the spirit of the normal tested young people.

Her mind ran the route she knew she'd have to take.

"Oh, Lord...I think everything else will be okay...it's just getting out of the driveway at the DMV - with four lanes of traffic to cross... I have such a hard time figuring out when the break in traffic is sufficient..."

Yes. I was praying about my drivers' test. Don't laugh.

Six months of torturous, fingernail-marks-in-the-dash and "When-five-years- have-gone-by-we-can-laugh-about-this" (I exaggerate) memory-making, prayerful, breath-catches-in-throat-as-Anna-nearly-kills-us experiences had gone by...and it was tomorrow. The deciding factor.

I sat alone on the study couch. Seeking comfort in God's word and remembering what He had told me that very morning:

 "What's in your hand?"

"The name of Jesus Christ is what you've given me, Lord."

"It is enough. Use it. Nothing is too small for me to care about."

And then:

"The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him."

Again, I prayed. "Lord, I know that's true...I know your angels are powerful...could you just let him part the traffic when I have to go across? Give me faith for this, help me not to be nervous, please let me pass the test...let your perfect will be done..."

Silly or not, I was battling nerves and feelings of deep I-am-so-not-confidant-about-this-ness.

The big morning dawned and I arose out of my bed, got dressed - picking out a particular outfit for significant reason (we sentimental people just are that way), and proceeded to fix my hair carefully. ("For my "victory picture", I informed myself. - My last picture at the DMV made me look very much like Aaron Rogers (who is the Quarter Back of the Green Bay Packers, for those of you who are from out-of-state). Looking like Aaron Rogers may be fine for a fellow - but not for a 16-year-old young lady. Period.)

After finally finishing my hair, downing some breakfast and my fish oil ("Who knows," thought I, "It might help my brain remember everything.") I grabbed a Bible and proceeded back to the study couch where I prayed a somewhat similar prayer as the ones aforementioned - only, this time, I thanked the Lord for what I had asked for, because it was already on its' way.

We drove into the town...and...all the way across town (I suppose I could have gone in the easy way, but at least we got there) and pulled into a "Reserved for Drivers' Testing Vehicles" parking space, next to a silver car.

Mom and I walked in and stood in line, were "helped" by a nice lady who cheered me up considerably (without even knowing it, probably), and sat down in a row of seats to wait for the examiner.

A fellow across the aisle was called to be tested. In parting he complained; "Boy. This testing is worse than standing up at the altar!" "Actually," I thought to myself, "Standing up for a wedding is a million times easier than this..."

Time passed...and there he was, with my papers and learners' permit on the clipboard.

Thank heavens! he was friendly.

 We walked out to the van, checked my ability to find a whole bunch of things therein, then drove down the driveway...stopped...and that four-lane-road was clear. Wow. "Thank you, Lord."

We went through the test - which, from my imagination, was supposed to be approximately three-or-so hours of torment - and drove back toward the DMV parking lot. That big old road was clear again. (How about that?)

I passed. I passed. I PASSED!!!!!

"Pardon me while I faint from relief." Yes. I really said that out loud - for that's when the realization of the stress and nervousness of the situation hit me. Otherwise, God helped me to stay calm enough to pass.

To PASS!!!

SO. Pedestrians and Drivers alike, I'm using this to inform y'all of my momentous victory, but also as a lesson that God does care about things that others would probably think are ridiculous. Like being nervous about your drivers' test.


Bethany Grace said...

Congrats!!! And I think praying about a driver's test is completely understandable - and important. :D

So glad it all worked out!

Elisabeth said...

I think it is important to realize that God cares about the "little" things.

One plus - at least here in AZ is that when you get older you get a license that lasts for 25 years or so. I am SO glad I don't have to take a drivers test anymore. (At least I hope it's forever. On second thought, I'm not sure it is.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you:)

Anna said...

Thank you all!!!

Sister Elisabeth - *gulp* Would you mind if I moved in with you?!! ;) jk.

Emily Rachelle said...

Ugh, this just reminds me of my own test I have yet to take.

On happier notes, you've been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! http://maybeteenauthor.blogspot.com/2012/07/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Anna said...

Aww.. :) Thank you, Emily!

Good luck with your test. *hug*