Monday, June 4, 2012

Living Today

I read a quote by a famous missionary that went something like; "Wherever you are, be all there." I decided that this was a good, solid quote and something inside kinda went "Amen." I thought about it a little and probably decided to try and implement the idea in my life....but then I forgot.

Lately I've been thinking more on the subject, as I'm learning more and more to love the life that God has given me.

I think it's important to plan for things in the future, but we shouldn't stay there so much that we miss the beauty of things going on around us. Easily, we can dream and worry over what's ahead, making today heavy or "hum-drum."

When I begin to look at the wonderful things around me - family, our house, my various reading spaces, suppertime with those I love, the places around me where I've made memories - I begin to appreciate what I have and where I am.

When we remember that tomorrow isn't promised, we begin to treasure the moments - walking behind your Mom, sisters and brother as the long prairie-like grass rustles, feeling a gentle breeze while you sit under a tree with friends, laughing on a photo shoot with your photographer-sister... and we might be more willing to look past the annoyances of certain situations and appreciate things about them - instead of being frustrated at your little sister for throwing grass in your hair, realizing how special it is that she's here at all - that you can have fun together.
Today is the day that the Lord has made. Today can be good or bad - whatever you make it. Today is what you have. Don't waste it.


Bethany Grace said...

Amen. I sorta learned this the hard way (for about the millionth time) last night!

Bailey said...

I wake up thinking this every day.

Or try to.

That quote by Jim Elliot is my absolute favorite.

Elisabeth said...

This quote is mentioned at our house fairly often. I think of it when people are texting or on their cell phone - missing out on the here and now.

Anna said...

Yep. The computer/phone world takes away from the present as well. "Moderation" is a good word to apply to these things.