Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Grown




We had to re-plant in a few places. :D

At the other garden. (Dad and Kara)

Something that grows on a vine. (We are't sure what's what without the paper on which this information is written.)

Miss Becca

Brother Ed Romberg helping us till. (This garden is at his house.)

We ended up having supper together. :) 

Time to drive!


Bethany Grace said...

Bethany. Take a good look at those plants.

Actually, I exaggerate - my garden is growing somehwat - but you've seem to handle it better than myself. :D

Katherine said...

Great pictures! The garden looks great! :)

(Come visit?)

Tanesha-Marie said...

Your plants are doing well-My mum and I are growing quite a few plants too :)

Tanesha x

Anna said...

Good luck with your garden, Tanesha!

I hope to visit you soon. :)