Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Before transferring the started plants from the green house to the garden, we had to "toughen them up" a bit so they wouldn't die from being exposed to the cold and heat of outdoor life. So, I took them outside and put them in a semi-sheltered area where they could still experience a decent amount of weather. 


My servan- *aherkum* helpers.  (Actually, Mom is my instructor and Kara, my co-worker.)

The garden. Yes, we also had to pull out weeds as we went along. *sigh* (But, that first bunch of green is strawberries.)

How "I" kept the rows "straight." 

Searching for the name and planting instructions of different seeds. (Some had escaped their packages. Well, somebody took them out of the packages, I guess.)

The fate of young gardeners. 

A shot of the other garden. (If you look close you can see the hills wherein seeds for things like squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumbers, etc. currently abide. Unless the wind blew them away .) 

My other servan-*cough* "helper." 

Getting ready to water all of the hills and  the little row of peas. 

We also put down straw in the strawberries. It works as a mulch. We did this for the whole garden a few years ago and the weeding was...well, we didn't have to do hardly any of it! This year, we made the rows in the rest of the garden wide enough for Dad to fit the tiller betwixt them. It's awesome. 

Us. Minus me. :D

How does your garden grow?


Bethany Grace said...

How does my garden grow? Dear me, not at all. I'm thoroughly convinced I drowned the beans. And the tomatoes look sad.

But your's looks great! I've never seen your family's garden out of order. :D

((I used the string method too!! Except a rather-too-curious fox (or cat) gnawed it away. *ahem*))

Bailey said...

Phew. I'm tired just LOOKING at the hugeness of dirt....but these pictures are so cute. I love how your family works together. :D

Katherine said...

AWESOME pictures!! The garden looks great Anna!

Anna said...

Thank ya'll for the lovely comments! :)

Bethany: Good luck with your gardening! I think there's always something that goes a little bit "wrong"...but it makes for good stories, I'd think. :)