Sunday, May 13, 2012

In Honor:::

Ode to thee:

There once was a wonderful Lady

Most people would call Mrs. Py.

Her neighbors were naturally blessed

Her kind of dessert they could not buy.

Her husband realized he was lucky

To find such a Lady as she

So he bought her some roses and chocolate

And took her away to Door County.

The children would call her amazing

And others agreed it was so.

Her garden was huge and a-thriving

The grass her trained children did mow.

She’d get up at six in the morning

And make, for her husband, a brew.

Then at last at ten-thirty she bedded

After wishing “Good night” to her crew.


 Anna :D

You can read her blog HERE if you like. :)


Katherine said...

Aww how sweet! Did you right that?

Mama said...

You are quite the poet, Missy! Lol! Love this. You are such a sweet daughter.

Bailey said...


Anna said...

Katherine: I did :) It was fun.

Mama: Love you. :)

Bayleaf: Thanks for your comment. :) Is everything set for Thursday?!

Elisabeth said...

I love your poem, Anna. Such a nice gift to give your mom.

Anna said...

Thank you, Sister Elisabeth. :)