Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hullo dirty feet, mussed hair, tan skin, Believer's Youth Camp...

...Dirty fingernails, fresh sun-warmed tomatoes, cookouts in the ol'e backyard, fireworks, my birthday, the gentle, exciting noise of thunder on a humid open-window evening, the late nights and shouting of cousin-camaraderie, the blending of harmonious voices, the peace of a dew-studded bean patch...

Summer's coming.

But right now it's in a transitional stage from springy to summery and our family has been very busy.

Ze garden::
I've been getting the garden started (by way of introduction to the post I'll be posting soon on the subject.)

The lights in our "greenhouse" are supposed to be turned on every morning and off every night. Other than that, I'm s'posed to turn the trays of plants 180 degrees every morning and keep 'em watered. Simple. (I guess we're getting ready to toughen the plants up for garden-life as well.)

Sometime today, hopefully, I'll look up the dates for planting everything in the garden. (Do you use the Farmer's Almanac for planting?)

In the kitchen::

On top o' that, Mom has assigned Monday night to be my personal night to cook supper every week. She wants me to have more kitchen-confidence and get more practice with getting everything on the table at the right time and stuff like that.

Dad preached my great-grandmother's graveside committal/funeral service last week (Granny didn't want a funeral.) He did a good job, as usual, tying the necessary ingredients of funeral services into a beautiful bouquet of her personality.

We had communion this last Sunday, so of course, we had a meal between the Communion service and the regular service. Dad grilled brats and Italian sausages, mom and I made coleslaw, fruit salad and Strawberry Tart (It's awesome.) Others brought more, a'course. It was good.

Other than that::
 I've been making gifts for my friends' birthdays,  visiting yard sales, cleaning my grandmother's house, getting excited about books from the library, getting ready for Believer's Youth Camp, singin' (as usual), finally attempting to read through a list of books my loving Daddy wants me to read, watching my cousins, and pulling dandelions out of my precious garden.

What have YOU been doing?


Sanger Family said...

Wow!!! You are really busy!!! We are too, getting school finished up for the year, yard saling, gardening, working outside, etc. I love summertime!!


Katherine said...

You sound super busy! :)