Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Saturday To Remember

Mom and Kara making a tasty lunch.

Dad (the successful hunter, thank the Lord) with one foot from his turkey and his coffee in his "work/hunting truck."

Do I need explain? (Mom doesn't care much for turkey-foot-back-scratchers)

Making Resurrection Cookies as a family tonight. :)

Blurry, but - hey - I got him when he was smiling. :D

Momma and Becca

(Isaac wouldn't give me a good smile.)

Sideways Isaac, beating the egg whites.

Dad "smiling" for my camera. :D

Getting ready to crush the pecans (which would represent the beating of Jesus' body.)

Kara folding in the pecans.

Preparing the "tomb" (they'll be hollow in the morning.)

 I'm thankful for Jesus' love for us and his unfailing obedience. I hope and pray that He is real to each one of you. 

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