Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Mournful Remeberence Of.... (If Crayfish Were Human)

Oh George, my handsome dude. I bewail thee, I lament thee. In life you were pinchy, in death you were sacrificial. You were my one true love - and, oh, I loved you -truly- and you were worth my love, I see that now, as you devoted your life to the learning of children.

You did not die in vain, George, you did not die in vain, for your veins were found during the dissection, and your internal organs were studied, as you desired. The girl who dissected you liked you far better than the worm, as far as ease goes, and she even gave you a name - but I don't remember what it was.

Oh, George, you looked beyond your crustacean shell, yes, looked beyond, deep into your heart, and saw what you really were - a colorful opportunity for high-school-age children. And they saw it too, they really did -  all of it, except for only one thing, which the girl accidentally removed too early.

From the outside in:

The girl realized that you had sacrificed yourself for her benefit.

With all that said, George, dearest, I will say this one last thing: I know that someday you shall welcome me with open arms, and we'll spend more than forever together again.

Signed: Your girlfriend, Amelia Cray


Zoƫ said...

Way to funny to be such a sad post *snif* *sob*

Bethany Grace said...

He served his purpose well. :)

Anna said...

*giant grin* And I believe you, Zoethy, have just made mine. (:

Bethany, he did indeed, poor creature. *wink*