Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hair Salon: Double Loopedy Upperdy-Doodle (It's quick.)

1. Start by fixing the front of your hair the way you want it. (I chose a poof.)
2. Put your hair in a ponytail.

3. Put your hand (as shown) on top of your ponytail holder and (with the other hand) wrap your ponytail completely around it, once.
4. For the remaining hair (Left side of the picture) grab it with the hand that's holding up your "loop" and pull it through until it looks like the next picture:

(See the loop sticking out?)

5. Pull the whole thing around until it looks nice, then  pin it. (This is also a good base for a messy bun if, after step #4 you pull the loopy strands all over the place before pinning.)

Should look something like this. :) (Remember, I've got wavy/curly hair. It'll probably look more like a knot if you have straight hair. Which is good.)

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