Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Visit to the Hospital

Before you nearly choke with your wondering of which of my immediate family members has landed in that sterile environment, I will satisfy your questioning mind with the knowledge that the unfortunate new hospital-resident is my Dad' uncle. I ask that you please pray for him...he's been in and out of the hospital many times in the past little while and we're praying that he'll come to see the Lord's truth.


After the visit, on the way home, conversation might have gone like this:

Kara: *jovially punches Anna in the shoulder.* "Why do you look like you're asleep?"
Anna: "'Cause I'm tired," the ailing van-rider moaned.
Dad: "Okay kids, listen. This is music from your mother's people." (A big teasing grin spread over his face.)

Over the radio waves, came this jolly fiddelly-banjoey music, jigging into the van.

Mom: *Snorts and slaps dad's thigh playfully.*
Anna: "Um, Dad...are you on another of those weird kicks? Last time it was polka."
Dad: "No. This is Celtic classics."
Mom: "Hey. People knew how to really play their instruments back then. They could sing too."
*Gravelly-voice begins bluesing-it in contrast to the cheerful music.*
Kara: *Laughing her head off* "Yeeesss, people really knew how to sing back then."
*Radio station is switched for the duration of the song and then is switched back on as a whiny voice howls about being tired.*
Kara: "I think we get the point. That is so dumb...who would want to sing about being tired." *mimics singer* "I'm tyyyyyyyerd...."
Anna: "Kara." *laughing*.

15 minutes later:
Dad: "Here's that "Irish Washerwoman" type of fiddle music."
Kara: *Whispers* "Anna, stomp your feet and clap your hands."
Anna: *Bobs head in time to the music and obligingly lifts one foot and plops it back down on the carpeted van floor.*
Kara: *Whispering to those in the back seat* "Everybody clap and stomp your feet!"

That didn't turn out very well.

Dad: "Hey, there's the northern lights. At first I thought it was rain", but, *craning neck to see higher out of the windshield*..."I guess it's not."
Isaac and Becca: "Where!?"
Mom: "See those green vertical lights on the horizon, right in front of us?"
Becca:"Anna, move your head. I can't see."
Kara: "Oh yeah, I see 'em."
Becca: "Mom," *frantic note in voice* "Move your head, I can't see!!!"
Mom: "Oh. Beg your pardon."
Radio: "This was a young group - at least, at the time of this recording- and very talented. The first selection that we have for you tonight is "Flight of the Cockroach."
Dad: "Oh, hurray. I've always wanted to hear that song."
Most everybody else: *laughing*

Our family is awesome. :)


Anonymous said...

You really make me laugh Miss Anna! This really brightened my day! love you!

Anna said...

Thank you. :) I'm glad I could do that for you. *hug*