Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pictures of Camp Romberg

These are pictures from the "Young People's Meeting" we had weekend before last. :D I call it "Camp Romberg" because almost all of the young people stayed at Brother Ed Romberg's house (where, in earlier years, my Dad, his brothers and people from their church spent weeks in the summer.) People began calling it that, and I thought it befitting. :)

This is my hard-working mother (right) and the Sister Connie Fehr (who is the guest speaker's wife.)

This is my friend Jenni Fehr, (right) and me (left.) (We had so much fun. :)

At typical scene throughout the weekend. :D

Mom and Kathleen Eberhardt

Out-to-eat on Sunday afternoon. :)

Altogether, the services were awesome, prayers were answered, and memories were made.


Elisabeth said...

I think the Fehr's are heading our ways soon, too.

How many young people got together? I like the name you all gave the place you stayed - "Camp Romberg." That must make Bro. Ed feel very special knowing he's blessed so many over the years.

Anna said...

Hmm...There were probably about 15 (most of them are from Minnesota) of us that stayed overnight at least for one night....but on Saturday there were around 40 people for supper and then the service.

Yeah, Jenni and I were talking about that. (Them going down to your area.)

Serenity said...

looks like fun..:) Jennifer is awesome! I love getting together with youth. :)


Anna said...

Jenni is a nice girl :) (So are you. :D)