Friday, March 16, 2012

The Hair Salon: Tuesday Fix-up Bun

Note: By way of introduction, I will say that Miss Zoe Sanger is one of my best friends. We met at BYC about three or four years ago and have made memories together since then. :) I've asked her to share "how to" do her messy bun hairstyle. She graciously agreed to show us  one of the several that she does. Thanks Zoethy. :)

This is the hairstyle that I usually do when pressed for time!
I call it my “Tuesday Fix-up Bun”, because that is when I mostly use it. It is a rather simple style and very easy to do! So, let’s get started J
Ponytail, about 15 long bobby pins (depending on hair) and a few small bobbies for stray hair!
Step 1: Place hair in a pony at the center of the back of your head.
Step 2: Fix the front of your hair; as you like it.
Step 3: Divide the pony into 3 equal sections.

 Step 4: Twist the section of hair on the far right into a tiny bun.
Step 5: Pin in place!
Step 6: Repeat with other strands.
Step 7: This is the basic look of your bun.
Step 8: Now begin the pinning of it all together.
Hooray! You’ve reached the end. The finished product should look something like this:
Ideas: this bun can also be done as a side bun. You could add little gadgets (like flowers) to dress it up some.


Lily said...

Very pretty and simple to do!

Zoë said...

So sweet Anna!
I miss you :(


Anna said...

Aw you're welcome, Zoethy. You're heart-warming yourself. *hug*

(Good hair-do by the way. I tried it out yesterday...nice and quick.)

Serenity said...

Cute hairstyle!