Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Guess, Madam.

Dear Me, but it's been an interesting week. It started out with church (as usual) on Sunday, Back-to-schoolishness on Monday...and then...

I thought I might be able to squeeze a bit of interesting something out of Tuesday, for then it was that a minorly exciting thing happened.

"I hope that isn't acne," thinked I, looking nervously in the mirror. Teensy red dots had colonized themselves into patches all over my face. "I know I hadn't been eating as well as I should have..." *bites lip mournfully*

Turns out that the dot-colonies on my face, the bigger bumps all over my arms and some recurrent hives thrown in the mix, brought me, after a bit of research and some phone calling to the local "Theda Care" office.

A lot of people were wearing ski jackets that day. I don't know why, especially since it was about 50 degrees outside. (We've been having a wonderfully warm January/February in case you're from out of state.)

There was a tired looking fellow with his hand in a cast, raised over his head, a tall stranger on crutches with - what appeared to be - his mother. A fatigued and coughing middle-aged man answered his loudly jangling cell phone. The receptionist's computer was slow for some reason, and it took her awhile to get me "logged in."

"Anna," the nurse called....and I was off to be diagnosed.

Not to worry. It wasn't serious. But just for fun, let's see what creative ideas you can come up with for what the matter was.

(Yes. Today is a random-kinda day for me.)


Bethany Grace said...

It might've been a positively horrible tropical disease! Thank goodness it was only hives. (I'm kidding there, I offer my saddest apologies, because that doesn't sound like an ideal thing to have...) *sad face*

Bailey said...

*puts on doctor's glasses* Sounds like an allergic reaction. To crayons, most likely.

Good news! I found out that doctors have long ago debunked the myth that poor diet causes acne. So grab a chocolate chip cookie to celebrate. :D

Sanger Family said...

um mayhaps tis the chickenpox? or have you already had that? :) Maybe it was...acne after all?