Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I've been up to/Stuff I've learned

Yepperdydoodle. It's an update on me and mine.

School has been going along...the days have too. (It's February 14th in case you don't know. Yesterday it was December.)

Naw...I'm not quite that bad. But time sure seems to fly.

Some of the following is some of what I've learned throughout this flying time:


Always, when you're going to stay at someone's house for longer than a day, bring something (or a few things to do.) On top of that, think of things to do before you get there. It cuts down on boredome and lends the golden hand of fellowship to productivity. ;)

One should always put the toilet lid down before flushing. What's within, according to National Geographic, is misted up to (something that I think was) 100 feet when un-contained. (Yuck.)

Try to be more careful when your ice skating. Chances are, if you're not, you'll nearly be run over by your hockey-player uncle who skates very fast but, at least, is also pretty good at the hockey stop. You'll slide right into the boards and finally fall unless he happens to, mercifully, keep you on your feet. It's 50% your fault, and you'll feel horrible...though, after all, you were being careful. Sometimes accidents happen. Lighten up.

Elderly people in the nursing home really appreciate it when ya'll come to visit with them, despite what you think.

When you feel "all by yourself" and think everybody is "out to getcha!" and stomp down all your ideas as bad, remember that Jesus sees you and loves you even when the people around you don't seem to. You're not alone.

'Til Next Time,


Bethany Grace said...

Sounds familiar. :D Those hockey skaters really are nasty when it comes to skating. Not that they mean to be...it's just rather dangerous? I think there's a 99.999% of getting run over. But if not by a hockey player, you're brother will take care of that. ;D

Really? I thought yesterday was September? Funny how school seems to take so long. ;D

Anonymous said...