Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A walk through my house (Or the downstairs anyway)

I've wondered, what some of my friends' houses look like and thought that maybe it'd be cool to let ya'll see what mine is like. (Though I know some of you already have.)

When you first walk in, you might see something like this. (Kitchen shot.)

Walking through the little arch in the first kitchen picture, you'll come upon the Dining room.

(What it might look like when we have company.) 

Continuing through the house, off of the dining room, there's an arch that leads to this little area. That's the bathroom door, there.

Ambling through this hallway and taking a left, we come upon the living room. (Yuppers. The woodstove is new.)

Then, to the left of this book-case there's a door. (Suprise!) It leads to the master bedroom. (Pictured below)

This is over the hallway that was aforementioned.

The stairs by the hallway. 

Sorry for the bad quality of some of these pictures. Our first "nice camera" had finally died and left us with a not-quite-as-nice substitute. 


Bethany Grace said...

You're house is amazing. ;)

Anna said...

Why, thanks, Bethany. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Your house is very pretty.

Anna said...

Thanks, Maryann. :)

Anonymous said...

Your house looks great!!! You all do such a good job of painting and keeping it organized. I really like the stove in the living room. mamaw

Anna said...

Thank you, Mamaw. :) I think Mom has the most "to do" in that area, though. :)