Sunday, February 26, 2012

*Southern Belle Accent* Have anotha', Momma?

;) I had to tease you mumsie. lol:)

Today is my momma's birthday. I, as the high-ranking birthday-wish collector on this blog, demand, by order of her majesty, me, that all of you must offer your congratulations to her.

She's one of those go-getters who just can't let the dishes sit overnight.
She's one of those practical people who looks at the in-fashion gray, elongated sweater and says (while chuckling at the ridiculousness): "I'm sorry, but that's just ugly."
She's a lady who puts others' happiness before her own.
She's a prayer-warrior.
She's a lady who loves peace and quiet, but wades up to her elbows in chaotic activities when the needs (which often come) arise.
She's a Godly example that hasn't conformed to the whims of her peers, though faced with much opposition.
Shes' a woman who lives life joyfully.
She a mother who is patient at 10:30 pm when her daughter is still bawling on her shoulder. (Over-dramatized on purpose.)
She's a brave soul who grips the van's door handle as yours truly carreens around the corner. (Also over-dramatized. I hope.)

Anyway, she deserves her well wishes and cake this year. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anna! You are hilarious! Love you.

Anna said...

Your welcome, Mom. :) Happy Birthday. *hug*

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Mrs Pyatskowit! I hope you have many many more wonderful years with your family! God has blessed you mightily, your children have every right to be proud of their momma!
Love and Blessings for a beautiful birthday Lily!

Sanger Family said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best this coming year!


P.S. Anna, your driving is probably a bit like mine is going to be! LOL ;)

Anna said...

Thanks Aunt Rachel and Kaitlyn. :D @Kaitlyn: That last part of your comment was awfully nice to hear. *grin*

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my sweet Lily!!...and just between me and you,Anna, I was the one in the car, when she careened around some corners when she was learning to drive, so that's probably why she is so patient with you. At one time she sat in your place. She learned to drive with a straight-stick, clutch, car. You can imagine the starts and stops we made on the first drive...

Anna said...

Thanks Mammaw :)