Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giving the Glory

There are times when my heart seems on the verge of exploding. Times when it is so full of joy, that I can't completely give vent to because it is so overwhelming.

 Sometimes, the feeling of jubilee wells up inside of me and seems to wash through in a thundering swell of awesome realization that "God is right here! Right now! He has done wonderful things!"Sometimes the simple things give my tired heart a revitalizing twinge of joy that spreads into a warming glow.

For example: Just yesterday, I was having a toughish sort of day. I had lost the answer-key for my math book and had already searched everywhere that I thought it would be. After prayers throughout the experience, I remembered where it was.

Another time: My back had started to hurt very badly. After I prayed, the pain immediately went away.

Last year: I had broken my tailbone in a sledding incident and it was taking a very long time to heal. ('Twas very painful.) I had been going to the chiropractor for a month or two and at every visit I had to be rescheduled (AGAIN.) because it still wasn't healed. Once or twice we thought it would be better the next time - but when "next time" came it was worse.

 I grew very tired of having to sit on a cusion or pillow all of the time ('twas embarrasing and inconvenient. As time dragged on, you can image how much I enjoyed the experience. ;).

Finally, one day, I was listening to a message by Brother Branham and he was holding a prayer line for the sick. He said something like "reach out and claim your healing". So I did. The same day, if I remember correctly, the chiropractor said that I could go home for good.

There are so many more things that God has done for me - (protection while driving for one thing. We've already had a near accident or two.) What's one thing He's done for you?


Anonymous said...

"Reach out and claim your healing." This post is so touching and that quote is the truth. Amen.

David Steffy said...

Hello sister Anna,

Since no one else in the Steffy household will make a comment I thought I would let you know that there are a few who frequent your site around here. Bethany really feels that you have a deep spiritual understanding for someone your age and was very impressed with a few of your more recent posts. We all appreciated the fine letter that you sent us and , once again, no one hastened to reply. Too busy I reckon. Well, this will probably be the only comment that you get from myself but I just wanted to let you and the family know that we all think about you all and try to keep you in prayer when we know there is a need. Your grandparents (Sis. Polly and Bro.Delano)have disappeared from the radar screen so to speak. All phone numbers, including cell phones, have been either cancelled or belong to someone else. No reply from their website either. Hope all is well. Tell brother Joel and sister Lily that we said hi and God richly bless you all. You and sis.Kara be extra careful with your personal info on your blogs. I know the Lord watches over you all but I also am in computer programming and I know that despite all the "security" on the web, there really is no real security. Even the best was recently hacked. God bless you and keep your eyes on Calvary!
Brother David Steffy

Anna said...

Brother Steffy, Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. It is truly appreciated.

Pappaw and Mammaw moved - so that's probably why you can't reach them on their old phones. If you have our number, you can probably get their phone numbers from us. (I dare not write them over the internet.)

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Isn't God just wonderful!!...and one of the very nice things He's done for me is give me a grand daughter like you!! Love ya!!

Anna said...

Thank you, Mamaw. *Big hug*