Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Thankful for Water - or - A Few Thoughts From the Recovering

Becca had lost her dinner early that morning, but some of us clung to the hope that it really wasn't a flu bug. It could have been that her coughing (she'd also come down with the croup) had just triggered the gagging reflex and...and...

Not so.

The next 14 hours or so were spent in bed with "throbbing temples", "aching back", "queezy stomach" and "little plastic tub" for companions. If you heard this weird moaning sound wherever it is that you live, it was probably me. (jk.)

One by one, through the evening and night, the rest of my family fell into their various sick beds to suffer - 'ceptin' my Mom. She made her rounds like Florence Nightengale, "Are you okay?", being her most common phrase as she expected more clean-up,etc. It seems that every time footsteps made their way downstairs or the bathroom door squeaked open, she was there, offering comfort, love and sometimes a prayer.

Around 12 o' clock I was terribly excited that I had been able to drink almost a whole glass of water through the coarse of three hours. 'Twas then that I began to see a benefit to such misery as I had experienced.

I began to be more thankful for the things that I might have taken for granted before. Momma, water, a stomach that usually isn't queasy, unshakey steps, an un-achey head, a good night's sleep....and it goes on.

Perhaps this is part of the "good" that all things work together for. (If you know what I mean.) My life is far, far, far more wonderful looking this morning after having such a horrid experience the night before.

Through the night I knew that God would heal me at some point in time. To me, it might have been the following morning or (in other people's cases) in heaven, but by His stripes I definitely was healed.

So take it from me - be thankful. Look around and count your blessings...


Bailey said...

Hope you all get to feeling better! *HUGS* It's a strange paradox, but I feel so close to God and so much more grateful when I'm knocked out on my bed sick.

Mostly because I don't feel guilty for "not doing anything." So I can rest. In Him.

It's good.

Anna said...

The second part of the flu is kinda relaxing... :D (Just be careful when you stand up.)

Thanks, Bailey :)