Tuesday, January 31, 2012




"Put it in park."

"You might wanna take the keys out."

Driving. My driving in particular. Humbling. Mortifying. Scary. Exciting.

I think what scared me most was having my parents yell at me. It was scarrier than getting a little too close to the garage or the back of that car or the curb, or once, almost sliding into the ditch.

NOTE: My parents' version of yelling is talking excitedly with a raised voice, only a notch or two louder than normal. No screaming.

It begins with a prayer, sometimes silent, sometimes not, and ends with something kinda like a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanksgiving.

Do you have any awesome stories to share about driving?


Sanger Family said...

I'm not the legal age to drive, yet, but when I am, I will probably have the same experiance as you! (our big van, two parents with two opinions, and six siblings younger than me that think they know it all! lol)


Bethany Grace said...

No stories about driving...except when Bailey was driving of course. I'm her personal built-in GPS. ;)

Bailey said...

We were driving to the strawberry patch in the big red van. I was driving, anyway. I had a secret hatred of that hunkin' vehicle for all the misery it caused me. I was turning left, waiting for car number #302 to pass. The entire city was lined up behind me. Siblings were talking in that excited raised voice. I was about to burst into tears.

It was about to clear when the big white semi started lumbering down the road. "GOGOGOGOGO!" my mother cried. And I was literally petrified.

That's when the horns started blowing.

Needless to say, it is one of my fondest memories. Oh -- and running yellow lights. Those are always fun.

Happy driving!

Anonymous said...

They have not have not tought me yet =( My Grandfather tought my sister when she was 10 but Mama and Daddy aren't that brave ;)

Anna said...

:D Thanks for all of your sympathetical comments. :)

Bailey: Yikes. Sounds a bit like some of the experiences I've had lately. Thanks. :)