Friday, December 23, 2011

The Poem of Life - By a tired young poetess

Englishy Englishy, my emails await
Healthiness healthiness - I shall not have cake
Mathy, oh, mathiness must I do thee?
Yessi, oh yessiness 'tis still required of me.

Interruptions, interruptions why dost thou come?
Flexibility flexibility - I mustest have some.
Boring, oh boringness, what's happened to thee?
Anna, oh Annaness, you knew it had to flee.
Busyness, oh, busyness, why morn I thee?
I know there's a reason, yes, I know it. I see!
Joyous, oh, Joyfulness, I see it now!
Patience will pay off, the temporal will bow.

Someday this crazy life will melt into past
Yes, Heaven awaiteth me, I'll come home at last.
Earthy, oh, earthiness, hold not me down
let me look heavenward, exchange a smile for this frown.

lol:) Pitiful, aint it? I hope you got the message - and a laugh - at least.


Bethany Grace said...

It sounded even better when you sang it. :)

Anna said...

Oh, thanks. :D

Bailey said...

I never should have written that stunt............:D

Anonymous said...

your poem made me laugh!!!! thanks

Anna said...

Bailey: I actually had written this in a random scenario before I sang part of it for ya'll. :) The stunt went well with the rest of that game, I think. :)

Anonymous: You're welcome. Thank you for your comment. :)

Simi said...

awww.... I love this! so're definitely talented.

Anna said...

Thanks Simi, :D