Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's His Birthday!

"It's a boy!"

Oh, how those words must have thrilled my Daddy's heart. The previous two births had been joyful enough and the announcement of "It's a girl!" both times had probably been met with awe, but a father likes to have a son.

 And WHAT a son he got.

Isaac is a rough-and-tumble, strong-willed, handsome, Christian (yes! He was baptized last year and has a tender heart for the Lord) amazing boy.

He laughs and seeks to make others laugh too. He is EXTREMELY athletic, playing football all by himself out in the backyard, through sleet, snow, rain and mud. A baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, almost-anything game player, he's strong and active.

 He likes to grill and cook food (every boy should learn how to cook. When they get out on their own they might be glad they did)

He's a big help, too...setting up the church (rearanging the living room furniture into rows, adding more chairs, setting up the pulpit, handing/setting out songbooks), doing dishes, etc.

He's a terrorizer of his sisters, but a compassionate soul when one of them is being hurt. Many a time he's said something protective to some deliverer of heart-wrenching unkindness that said "I love you and I'm standing up for you." Other times he's come over and given me a pat on the back, with the simple words "It's okay Anna. I love you."

(Hullo surprised-looking big sister....)

He's a dare-devil, too, one who jumps off of the garage roof, builds ramps for his bikes, climbs 20 ft. fences, rides "The Drop Tower" at King's Island (a contraption of torture that nobody else dared to ride that day. It drops you from a height of twenty-six stories, if I recall correctly) and has previously been known to ride his tractor up the steps. (Before going to the ER.)

Altogether, I LOVE him. I'm so glad that he's my brother, a part of this family.

Happy Birthday Isaac.


Anonymous said...

thank you Anna

I love you Anna


Sanger9 said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!


Ireland said...

Happy Birthday Issac!

Serenity said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! :) What a cute post! :)

ps. thanks for the comments on my blog.