Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To: Make "Make-Ahead", Venison Neck-Roast

·       Put whole bone-in neck of deer into the crock-pot or Nesco.

·       Dump 4 cups of water over neck.

·       Drape some strips of bacon over as well.

·       Add salt &pepper.

·       Cook on 250 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 10 hours.

·       When neck is finished cooking, pull meat off the bone and into edible-size pieces .

·       Put into your choice of freezer bags, lable and freeze.

·       Enjoy warmed up with some sort of sauce. (BBQ, etc.)

How To: make soup stock with the leftover neck-bone

·       Dump drippings and neckbone (in the bottom of your crock-pot or nesco) into a stock pot.

·       Add a water until stock pot is almost full

·       Let boil all-day

·       Let Cool

·       Freeze or can the broth and discard the bones.

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