Friday, December 9, 2011

The Hair Salon: For the Curly Girls

For those of you with curly, unruly locks that don't quite have your hair figured out yet.
  • Hellloooooo there Auntie Faith,

    I am requesting some information for this hair of mine.

    See, it's gotten a lot thicker lately, and I hadn't been brushing it, just kinder sticking conditioner in it and leaving it alone. (Minus braiding it at night and putting it in some sort of hair-do every day.) It worked - until one day it became so matted that mom helped me comb/pick it out. (I think it had to do with me leaving it in braids when I washed it - to *supposedly* keep it from snarling.)

    About two weeks later, (yesterday) my siblings and a friend were playing "hair salon" and wanted to fix my hair. I thought I'd make it easier for them (and me) and brush it out. Like....half an hour later.....I asked mom to help me. She didn't spend as long on it but my head was pretty sore for a while there, and my hair was still pretty tangley.

    SO: My question is this; What products should I put on it to make it far less frizzy, more curly, less tangley but still healthy and not dried-out by the hair products themselves.

    Any other advice?

    If you could help me, I'd appreciate it. Kara's hair is straight and long and thickish and she does fine keeping it tame and pretty un-tangley, so it must be my hair type that's making things weird. Curly. So I thinked you might be able to help me.

    I'd appreciate it, but if you don't have time or something that's okay.


Frum: Aunt Faithy who also has curly hair.

Use a serum made by Paul Mitchell called "Skinny Spirals." You have to buy it in a salon, but it helps a lot with the frizz and helps keep it hydrated also.

The best conditioner that I have found is made by matrix and it is the sleek look in the orange bottle. It is a bit costly, but very much worth it.

In the mornings, take some conditioner in your hands and run that through your hair, then use the serum. While that is still wet, use water to wet your hair and either use your fingers or a pick to get the tangles out. If you do this everyday, you will notice a big difference.

I know it's not easy, but you need to at least run your fingers through it each day, so that you won't get those huge knots. Hope this helps :):)

Love ya, Faith

*I'm hoping to try this out sometime soon. Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions to share?


Elissa said...

I'm a curly girl too, and I've struggled with my hair for 19 years. I finally went "all natural" I use no products but those made from God's creation. My hair is healthier, less frizzy, more manageable than ever before! Here are a few of the tips I've picked up, I hope they help!

If you want to keep your curls, never ever brush your hair. Get a nice wide tooth comb - I bought mine at Sally's. Also if your hair is dried and frizzy I would recommend a deep conditioning treatment which involves dousing your hair in a good quality natural oil, wrapping it in a hot towel, and leaving it for half an our or so, and then washing. This will help your hair not only be healthy and shiny, but also help with frizz and tangles. The best detangler I have found is organic lavender essential oil. I place several drops on my comb, and run it through wet hair. I have struggled with tangly gnarly hair my whole life, and this works wonders! Also, never put your hair up in a towel. With a scrunching motion get as much water out of your hair after you've turned your shower off. Then take a soft fabric like a really old tee shirt and carefully dry your hair again with a scrunching motion.
So my routine is wash and condition, scrunch dry, comb with lavender oil, then I flip my head over and push my hands up in my hair quickly, seperating the hair which will help keep the curls. If I need extra frizz control on a humid day I take the tiniest bit of almond oil, rub it into my hands, and then carefully work it into my dry hair. I sometimes also use an infusion of lavender and rosemary water. you can find the recipe for my rosemary water on my crunchy con blog. Just add dried lavender to that.

I hope these tips can help. Curly hair is a gift, but it can be a pain to deal with! Sorry this is so long!


Anna said...

Thanks, Elissa! It was nice reading this comment... thanks so much for your advice. :)