Monday, November 14, 2011

A Student of Driving {Supposedly}

"Hey. You in the blue dress...thing."

I could have been offended at his lack of understanding, but was actually thrilled with it, since it was something that could make people laugh later.

"Sir 'tis actually called a "skirt," thinks me to myself.

I guess I'm pretty hard not to notice in Mr. A.J.'s Driving School.

Since my enrollment in Driver's Ed. I have begun the interesting study of  - not just driving - but modern human life as well.

I guess I didn't realize what a "normal" high-schooler was like. Now, I realize that the ones that I did meet/know previously must have seriously curbed their language habits and struggled to talk about literature or favorite things to do.

I'm not gloating over my differentness or piety or modesty, or anything of the like, BTW. I'm just telling you what I've found, and talking to myself as well.

 I never realized how different my life was from theirs before. I knew I was a little different...I picked my clothing very carefully to avoid immodesty - while they wear topless dresses, etc. I read my Bible every day - while they didn't see why it was necessary.  Most everything I do is something that they don't. It seems. I know we have the same bodily needs (we all eat, we all sleep, we all talk, etc.) but our lifestyles are vastly different.

If some average person were to choose between us, he/she would probably say that my classmates have a more "free" life than I. After all, I'm "burdened" with wearing long and "cumbersome skirts (wherein I "can't" run as fast as a girl who doesn't wear them or swim, etc.) I am obligated to "be a good girl" and keep my virtue. I'm "not allowed" to cut my hair and thus have to struggle with X feet of it every day. I have to sit in a two-hour long service every Sunday and interrupt my weekdays for another service on Wednesdays. I'm a weirdo.

Get a life, Anna.

But what's the other side of the story? When I think of my freedom vs. theirs, I see something far different. They are walking in darkness, struggling with hurts and loneliness. What goal do they have for life? Pleasing themselves? Having fun?

My instructor said something like this. "Life is horrible, but then we die."

They have to fear the "afterlife." They don't know where they're going.

For me, yes, there are lines drawn that I don't cross - but I don't cross them because I choose not to. My life has an ultimate goal - bigger than me, bigger than my circumstances. I still struggle with hurts, loneliness, etc. but I have someone who says to hand my burdens over to Him because He cares for me. I have someone who loved me enough to die for me, to save me when I wasn't worth when He asks me to do things like dress modestly and save myself for my husband, can I say no?

It's my choice. I say "Yes" because I love Him.

I'm free from sin, I'm free from death, I'm free from struggling through life with no purpose, I'm free from worrying about the future (if I do, it's my own fault. I already know God has a plan for my life.) I don't have to be selfish, I don't have to go to hell, I don't have to live life by myself....Because God has saved me and made me new.

Does that sound like religious slavery to you?

Now, believe me, I'm not saying these things like a proud pharisee praising God because he wasn't as completely filthy as his fellow-men. 1. I'm simply bringing a point across. It's good to remember why you aren't doing the things that you aren't. And 2. I'm asking that you pray with me for the people in the driving school...the people around you... that they would come to know and serve the Saviour - and be free.

Will you?


Zoƫ said...

Great job...btw my mom & I were wondering how old u have to be to drive? Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

People without the Lord just do not realize that we have no desire for what they call fun.

You're so right. We serve the Lord out of love and not law.

Very nicely written post, Anna.

Anna said...

Thank you Zoe and's so nice to get comments. :)

Zoe - in order to DRIVE you have to be at least 15 and 1/2. (In Wisconsin.) To start Driver's Ed. I THINK you can be any age close to 15 and 1/2. (15, let's say.) At 15 and 1/2 you can get your learners permit, but you have to be 16 to get your license.