Sunday, November 6, 2011

Racing the Clock

Time management is not a strength of mine. Period. ...but since I'm working on it right now, I thought I might tell you all about it. :D


I tend to be the one scrambling around five minutes after supper was to be on the table, putting everything in serving dishes and still making the salad.

I'm the one who takes half an hour to clear counters (when it really should only take five minutes) and moseys along, reading every paper and book title that she comes across when picking up a room. This young lady does not like deadlines or rushes - especially when fixing her hair - and tends to be the last one out the door.

My poor mother (who's had to wait on this young lady many-a-time) took pity on me and has been prompting me to do better throughout the week. This has been the most successful attempt at my reform lately - as my own had fallen dreadfully short.

I had good intentions, really I did, but things just didn't work out. Normally, setting the timer on myself would make me move a lot faster, but this time (and several more) I quite forgot its existence - thus it caught me unaware 15 minutes or so before I was through.

I would still advise a fellow slow-poke to try the timer method, but will admit that it's not very effective if one is in a forgetful state.

Someday, (soon, hopefully) I will learn to be efficient with my time... and since time efficiency is something that I truly want to get better at, I'm sure I'll succeed sooner or later. (Isn't that a dreadful thing to say? But 'tis true, nonetheless. If you want to do something you are on the best route to getting it done. Half-hearted attempts have a much lower chance of reaching any goal, in my humble opinion)

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Anonymous said...

Well, Dear Anna,
You will be quite happy to hear what Dr. Heinke had to say about this issue. Her theory is that there are two types of people: global (people like you) and non-global (people like me). I look at each individual componant while you look at the big picture.

People like you do not do well with time schedules or lists. While you can and should work at managing your time to the glory of God, Dr. Heinke assures me that a global person will NEVER really change, because God, the master designer made global people to take their time, be laid back and easy going. We, "non-globals" need people like you to help us slow down and appreciate life instead of checking off the boxes on our "to-do" lists.

As you know, Daddy is a global person. God put the two of us together to balance each other out. By that I mean that if Dad & I both were like me, life in our home would probably be like living in a military boot camp. Dad loves to relax and have a good time. We need that. On the other hand, if we were both like Dad, we would have lots of good times, but things would not be as organized! We'd probably eat at Culver's a lot more, too! ;0)

Anyway, what I'm saying is this: God made you the way you are and while I prefer to work off of a list, going from point A to point B, and work every moment of the day, that doesn't mean that's the best or only way to do things. If you know what needs to be done, and you get it all done without a list, going from point Q to point D, to point Z, as long as it gets done, that's all that matters.

I do believe that a person should be punctual, whether you are random or not, simply because it shows disrespect to the other person if they have to wait 20 minutes for you to show up.

So, hats off to all you global people, who take time to "smell the roses"!