Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hair Salon: Callin' All Stylers

Hi, Hey, Hello again. 'Tis me, speaking.

I still have plenty of hair-dos to post about and was thinking about (finally) posting another one. However, as I started typing the title of this post I was struck with a wondrous idea.

That's a striking way to put things - don't you agree?

Anyhoo: I'm asking anybody who's interested to come up with your favorite quick-and-easy-but-still-really-cute-or-elegant (AKA: Something NOT terribly time consuming) hairdo and email me the instructions as well as a picture or two of the finished product. Your input will be published on this blog under "The Hair Salon".

Don't worry.  Anything from ponytails to french-style-updos will be fine.

If you decide to participate please email your entry to me @

I appreciate it. :)

1 comment:

Serenity said...

What an awesome idea! :) I'll try to email you one when I get a chance. :)