Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Diary,

*NOTE: Anna Pyatskowit does NOT edit her journal entries....so this is a pretty authentic post. Watch out for on-going-paragraphs, run-on-sentences and extreme rambling.*

'Tis I....Anna the Victorious.

I passed my test. I did. I really did. I'm so excited. It's amazing. I had been praying about it...Mom and Dad (and possibly the rest of the family that was standing there) prayed about it too - right before I left. And I passed. With flying colors. (I only got two wrong out of the....60 or so questions that were on the test.) Woo-hoo!

I was kinda/sorta suprised that I did so well because people were talking on and off throughout the testing time and the radio was playing - but I did well anyway. Thank the Lord! Prayer changes things.

Guess what else happened? My Aunt and Uncle are begging me to come back to my old job (their free-cleaning-service hasn't worked out) and thus I'll have more money and somewhere to get driving time.

My Aunt sent me a really nice letter of referral..that made me feel even happier. This is amazing. It should work out, but I'm going to ask Dad about it when he gets home.

I had, like, seven comments on my blog this morning - albeit some of them were doubles - but that's okay.

I had something awesome to post on facebook...

Yesterday I found out that I am not as "un-intelligent" as I have always thought I was...Seriously. It was like a ticket out of the dump.

We're having pizza on Friday, Lord willing....I had "Culver's" yesterday....we're having pizza tonight at the driving school...it's just amaziterrifical.

Mom's working on some stuff with the children....that will make our home a much better place, in my opinion.
Kara's emailing me. It's amazing. I like it. It's so much fun.

Science should be much easier now that I know what I found out yesterday - and cleaning too!

I get to drive in January....

I had an AWESOME time of personal devotions this morning....

I have a whole new outlook on life...

My hair looks half-decent and I'm wearing my favorite sweat-shirt.

I wanna make hot chocolate!!!!

I get to do Spanish today....

I have to take the SAT - Dad wants me to -  but now I know that I have the ability to pass it so I'm not afraid of the results or the actual testing.

I could say that "life is amazing" - but I don't think it is. I can say "God is amazing" because He is - and He makes life amazing at the right times.

I used to be so bogged down with wondering about the future. I didn't enjoy the good days for looking ahead and "knowing" that there were a whole slough of bad days coming for each good one that came. Now, I've come out of a long tunnel of "bad" days and feel/am SO blessed.

Now I know, through experience, that God can take me through anything and I can trust that He'll work it all out for my good - Joy does come in the morning.


Bethany Grace said...

Yay! Congratulations!! :)

Bailey said...

LOL! Anna! This is fantastic! Congratulations on passing your test with flying colors and celebrating in the joy of the Lord!

The radio music made me nervous during my drivers' test too. We took a vote whether to leave it on and my side got outnumbered....

Oh, and if you're taking the SAT, you absolutely MUST read the Princeton Review's "Cracking the SAT." It's at the library. It's amazing. It boosted my reading score by several hundred points. Plus, it's just super fun to read through.

Love to you, dear friend!

Anna said...

Thanks Bethany :)

Bailey: Okey-doke. I'll probably be checking that book out soon. :)

Thank you both SO MUCH for your comments. They meant a lot to me. :)