Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dad's First Buck Of The Season

Yep! God blessed us with the first deer of the year...the which deer, I fear, is not so dear with Daddy.  :P (This is Dad and me. In the picture, cutting the quarters, etc. into roasts, etc.)

Becca and Mom packaging and labeling the meat before it goes to the freezer. (I think this is Becca's first year of helping.)

Miss Kara working on a slab...

One of the counters designated for deer-processing.

Isaac and Dad :)

We're experimenting with canning deer-meat this year. Has anybody else tried this?


Zoë said...

I think we have :)
So far we have skinned, cut-up, etc. 5 deer this season. We are trying to beat last years record of 11 deer (not all of the ones we harvest are ours)!

Have a wonderful day, miss U.

Emma Margaret said...

I LOVE deer meat! So good! Hope my Daddy gets some this year!

and no we I don't think we have ever tried canned deer meat. But good luck!

Emma Margaret said...

By the way I just put your button on my blog =D

Bethany Grace said...


Elisabeth said...

I thought about doing it this year but I've never tried it before.

Sarah Grace said...

Great for your dad :) He has that mighty hunter!

Anna said...

:D lol-Sarah. :P You sound like a girl who knows all-about this kinda thing. :)

Thanks ya'll. :) I'm so happy that you stopped by and left a comment.