Monday, November 28, 2011

Annoying Blessings

It was one of those nights wherein the mom sympathetically tells the daughter to get ready for bed and go to sleep. "But what about the - ", the girl protests. "I'll take care of it, you're exhausted." The mom replies sweetly.

So the girl flops into bed and burrows beneath her blankets and pillows, throws an arm over her eyes and settles for sleep. She lies quietly for a while before...


Little sister knocks the door open in search of night-time attire.

"Sshhhhhhh!", Mom intercedes, "Your sister is trying to go to sleep!"

The light is flicked off, the door closed and the little sister ushered out of the room, night-gown in hand.

Five minutes later, little sister climbs into bed beside girl, cuddles up and gropes for her sister's hand. "Hmmm.... I love you Anna."


"Uh, Anna." *Poking girl in ribs*


"My back is itchy. Could you put lotion on it?"

"Beccaaaaa. Why don't you go ask Kara to do it." Girl wrinkles up her forehead in unhappiness.

"But I want YOU to do it."

*Banter is continued for another five minutes before girl reaches for the lotion bottle, the light is turned on and sleep-fogged eyes adjust to the rigors of a massage therapist.

"There. Now go to sleep," the girl says, flinging the lotion bottle across the room and scrambling back to her spot in the bed (now cold.)

"Thank you Anna," the little sister says sweetly, snuggling back into position.

"OUCH!" the girl shouts (in whisper form).





*blinding light

"Heeeeeey everybody! Ya'll ready for bed?"- Little sister #2 enters the room, turns on the light and disrupts the settling sisters.

*A bear awoke - in the form of a 15 year old girl.

"Kara! This is the third time I have been awoken! I am supposed to be asleep right now but you and your loudness and light-switch throwing...and Becca, YOU and your itchy back that probably was not really itchy at all and your icy little fingers stabbing into my elbows...and footsteps and loudness..."


"Nevermind. I'm sorry. Just go to bed."

*Little sister #2 turns the fan on "High" flicks off the light and begins to climb into bed.

"OUCH!" - The girl cries (in whisper form) as somebody's knees smash her thigh and shoulder and nose...

"Sorry. I had to get across somehow."

Girl begins to cry.

"This is no fair. No fair. I'm supposed to be getting extra sleep and these two have just stolen it all away from me!"

*Silence as thinking continues.

"Kara, Becca, I'm so sorry," the girl says, finally, " I should be happy that I have a little sister who isn't afraid to ask me to rub her back - and a bigger little sister who is healthy enough to walk into a room and make a ruckus when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm so glad that you two are my sisters. I love you."

"Mmm." Said sister #2.

"I love you, Anna," said sister #1.

"Thank you," said the girl, as she closed her eyes with another lesson learned - one that she'd not soon forget.

*Just so you know, I scrambled this object lesson together. It didn't actually happen this way. (I really didn't throw the lotion bottle across the room, Kara didn't smash my nose with her knee, etc.)

I hope you learned something from my lesson that you will take to heart as your own - and hopefully, you had a good laugh too. :)


Bethany Grace said...

Hmmm...that sounds familiar...

Bailey said...

Why does this sound so familiar to me? Hmmm. ;o)

Anna said...

lol:) - You two.

Sanger9 said...

Hmmm, this sounds familiar!!! lol Except I have 4 younger sisters!!! Your example makes me stop and think how many times I have been disrupted and not handle it in the best way... :)


Anna said...

Kaitlyn: Oh, I know how that goes. I'm praying for help in these sort of areas. :)

Ireland said...

Wow sounds familiar to me... Sounds like my nights with little sister who is 5. Thanks so much for following me and leaving a comment! I LOVE comments as well!