Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sister and Me

"Do you know what I want for my birthday?" She asked, picking up (for the umpteenth time) a toy catalogue.

She's been awaiting her birthday for a long time - with toy-catalogues in tow. She woke me up this morning with the question: "Did you know that today is the day before my birthday?" This was met with a sweetly groggy reply that had pieces of "Are you excited?" and  agreeable exclamations before finally;  "Well, I'm going to turn over and go back to sleep, okay?"

Indifferent big sister.

No, it's not really that bad. I share her excitement - or at least, a fraction of it (hers is far greater than mine...although, mine is probably relatively close..) - and hope to make her feel special by sharing my excitedness and general gladness for the whole occasion of "the day after this one" and the day she was born six years ago.

Six years ago. Sometimes it's  hard to understand how fast and unnoticed time can fly.

Six years ago. We were expecting a new member in the Pyatskowit family...I was excited, and hadn't a clue that our family was close to losing another one, namely, my mother. There were complications, we found out later, and mom didn't know if she was going to live or die when she left for the hospital.

 This was the time that she realized, once more, how precious her calling as a stay-at-home wife and mother was. She thought back, and found that she wouldn't want things to be different if she could do it over. She was fulfilled in the place where God had called her - that's what, I think, fulfillment is.

I thank the Lord for sparing my Mom, and Rebecca, my bright-eyed, beautiful, energetic little sister. They are both in my life for a reason and I hope that they both know how special they are to me. I don't want to be guilty of taking them, or anything God has placed in my life, for granted.

See, someday things might change, and I'll look back on those days of annoyance when a brother or sister "rubbed me the wrong way" and wish I could go back. Someday, I might think that my Science wasn't all that bad and realize that I had to do it for a reason. Someday, I might look back on the foe (or friend) that made some nights teary ones and some days dreary ones, and realize that God was using that person for my good.

Jim Elliot once said: "If you know you're in the will of God, live it to the hilt!" I've adopted this as a motto for my own life, and am learning more and more to "Do everything without murmurings and complainings" because I believe God brings sisters, brothers, situations, etc. into my life for His own reasons and for my good.


Elisabeth said...

You are quite a gal, Anna. Your writing is so well done that it amazes me.

Anna said...

Thank you, Sister Elisabeth! I had little to do with it, God gave me the ability and Mom helped polish it up. :)

Anna said...

And Dad. He played a big role in it too!