Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Modest for His Majesty

Modesty. This is one of the more touchy subjects that I've come across. There are so many different standards - no black, no pants, no low-cut, no short skirts, no cap sleeves, nothing two finger widths below the collar bone.... everybody has an opinion, from "I don't care" to floor-length skirts and long-sleeved blouses.

First of all : What's the point? Why do we even have to bother thinking about if the latest fad (among our friends) is really modest. What's the danger of being "Immodest?"

The "point" first and foremost: As Christians, we are trying to please the Lord, our Father. He has outlined in His word how He wants us to dress. Believe it or not. Like anything in the Bible, there's a reason (s) for what He has asked.

One of which entails: When we are out on the street, or even in our own homes, we are presenting our bodies, whether we dress modestly or not, to everyone. That "everyone" does happen to include men, who are visual. When we allow "just a little bit tight" and "a teensy bit too high" into our closets and  onto our girlish figures, we present ourselves a bit more graphically and leave less to a visual imagination. (Many/all men who aren't filled with the Holy Spirit WILL NOT hesitate to "imagine".)

(Also: Heels that are too high cause our bodies to sway - drawing attention to the wrong parts. It's something that girls need to know.)

So by dressing immodestly, we are actually causing men to commit adultery "in their hearts" and are  doubly displeasing our heavenly Father. (Not to mention that we become a temptation to our brothers in Christ when we do this.)

That's the danger. (Or at least, some of it.)

Now, what can we do about it?

As I've mentioned before, there are many standards as far as what's modest and what's not, instead of giving you mine, I'm going to list a few suggestions below.

  1. Go on a modesty-search in the Bible. See what God has to say about it! You could look up words like "women's apparel" in your concordance.
  2. Ask your Dad about, at least, anything that you find questionable. He should know if it's modest or not.
  3. Pray about it!

I tend to be a person who likes to avoid graphic ideas, but I find this a VERY important subject and I think EVERY girl should know the "Why" and "How" of modesty.

God Bless!


Zoƫ said...

Like it :)

Serenity said...

Awesome post Anna! You're always so good about encouraging others to have christian walk with the Lord.


Anna said...
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Anna said...
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Anna said...

Thank you Zoe and Serenity, your comments are so encouraging. :)

Bailey said...

Excellent! I love how you focused on the why of modesty, digging into the heart matter instead of listing off things.

My sister and I share clothes, but something that's modest on me may not be modest on her and vice versa. It also depends on what you pair with what: individual things may pass the modesty check but together create a slightly worldly or immodest look.

I'm just convinced it's primarily a heart issue...whether you're willing to ask for help in this area, to give up some things for Christ's sake, to really examine your heart and ask hard questions of your motives and priorities.

Bailey said...

And another thing...even though we girls aren't visual, immodesty in other girls is extremely distracting as well! :P It just looks so bad. We girls should encourage one another to treasure our bodies, our beauty and our worth and not expose ourselves and lower our dignity. Guys need to guard their thought lives even around lovely, modest girls, but if a girl preserves her dignity and presents herself as respectable and cherished, she protects herself and makes it harder for a guy to, uh, look, guilt-free.

Rebekah Brielle said...

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Anna said...

Right! It's all about you and God, when in comes down to it. Modesty is not feeling like you "can't" wear certain things. That word is changed to "don't" - Since the reason you "don't" wear certain things is because you love the Lord and want to please Him above yourself and everyone else.

Anna said...

Thanks Rebekah Brielle :) I'm going to go check it out...

Bailey said...

I loved how you put that last bit: "don't" instead of "can't." Just superb.

Write on, my friend.