Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To: A Book Of Convenience

I started a book. Not a normal book. Not a reading book. Not even a "fun" book. It's a book of instruction. A book of knowledge. A book of gleaning.
I have decided, lucky reader, to take you along on my journey. :D

My "How-To" book, is a three-ring-binder with clear, plastic protector sheets (hope you know what I'm talking about) galore.

The actual contents, are pages on "How To" do certain things that are more complicated than laundry or cleaning the bathroom. (Aka: Canning recipes and directions, menus (I've heard people have a lot of trouble with meal planning), budget planners, natural remedies (tried and true ones, everything in this book should be) garden planners, personal health, sewing tips, wardrobe planning, etc.)

I'm going to be posting my gleanings of wisdom on this blog for you to see. If you choose to make a "How To" book of your own, or even use some of the pages that I come up with, I'd be delighted. :D

So read on, if you dare.


Lauren Nicole said...

I too am starting one as well! Need to find time to work on it though :)

Anna said...

Glad to hear it! :)