Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear me....

Well *sniffles* thought I'd just let all you glorious folks know what I have been up to lately. Do pretend to be interested, won't you?

Today I went to the museum with my Auntie and little sister Kara to see the Anne Frank display. It was really, truly, terribly sad in my humble opinion... but very interesting, none the less. We also checked out a display on Wisconsin and the Civil War. Didya know that all of the Menominees and other WI tribes that were in the war VOLUNTEERED?


Last weekend we had special services with Brother and Sister Smith. They ended up staying for four days - the first of which has an interesting story attached to it. (You're obliged to laugh - or at least snicker - but I would prefer one of those "ROFLOL" type things.)

Brother and Sister Smith were supposed to get here on Friday sometime. (We weren't sure exactly when.) Unfortunately I - little ol'e me - had a cleaning job scheduled for Friday and mom had to drive me up and back. So, after flying through the cleaning and our various stops on the way back home, we walked in the door to find a message on the answering machine that went something like this:

*Heavy SOUTHERN accent*

"Hi ya'll this is Brother Dale Smith. Uh, we got here 'round noon and have been circl'in' the block waitin' for somebudy to show up. Jest give us a cawl when you get this. Bye."

We flew into panic mode. If the house hadn't been picked up, we probably would - or, pardon, I probably would - have started stuffing things under the couch. Company was HERE and WE WEREN'T READY!

Mom frantically ordered everyone to their jobs and picked up the phone to call the motel where they were staying. She couldn't get through.

Even more frantic, she calls dad - who's still at work - for directions. After explaining things to dad, mom is greeted .....


...with peals of laughter.

Guess who "Brother Dale Smith" had been?

*Scratches head*

Yup. Our family likes to have fun.

Aside from that, there's the story about how we just got a new toilet (and the floor underneath it) after Mom accidentally flushed Dad's glasses down the the old one.. but, I think I'll save that one.

But, ooh! I should tell you about my recent victory. I have been struck down with a cold - runny nose, sore throat, headache, earache, blurry vision.... and there are all kinds of natural remedies for colds - or at least their symptoms. (Gargle with Apple-Cider-Vinegar, swallow a TBSP of honey, drink hot tea, eat lots and lotsa garlic, etc.)

The Garlic Cure works extremely well, but it also makes you smell pretty bad after you mince it up and eat it. (The only way that's sanely possible to ingest it.) However, I go beyond sanely possible and have figured out how to ingest the garlic without mincing it up and causing myself  to smell like I had. *Tada* I swallowed the clove whole. (Yup. I'm good at taking horse-pills.)

So hopefully I won't get severe indigestion from the garlic, and hopefully you thought this was hilarious, and hopefully your day is much happier now that you've gotten that "ROFLOL" out of your system.

PS. We're getting a wood stove!


Zoƫ said...

LOL, Sounds awesome :) Not your cold though!! I have or had one as well :()

Did you email it to me?!?!
*sniffle* *such a loyal friend*

:) MISS U!

Bailey said...

ROTFLOL!!!! Your family cracks me up! That's the most terrible, horrible, hilarious story I've heard in a long time. :D

I've heard that a garlic paste rubbed on the feet and covered with socks cures ailments as well. But that's pretty stinky. (And I've never tried it. Obviously.)

Bethany Grace said...

Which story should I "ROTFLOL"? I think I did it for all of them. :)


Anna said...

Zoethy: Sorry. I guess I didn't. But you've read about it, at least! Get well soon - I'm off to finish your email.

Bailey: Ewwwww... where do you get such crazy ideas? (As if mine weren't..) JK.

Bethany: I'm glad that you got your laugh out. You brightened my day, young lady. :)