Friday, October 7, 2011

Advice: Sister Elisabeth Wallace

Sister Elisabeth Wallace is a stay-at-home wife and mother to her husband and six children. She is a daughter of the King and uses her numerous talents to fulfil her purpose in His plan. You can check out her blog HERE if you like!

As a stay-at-home wife and mother do you feel fulfilled, or do you think that your talents are being wasted?
   I feel very fulfilled. I think that God has placed a mothering/nurturing instinct in every woman and there's nothing more satisfying than when you are fulfilling what God has placed in you by design. I think it's when we hear too much of the world's philosophy, we start getting twisted in our thinking.
I also have a husband who is okay with me pursuing all kinds of interests. He knows I have an active mind and am curious about life and so he's usually very good about me exploring and trying new things. If I was unable to handle my daily responsibilities, he might feel differently.
As far as talents being wasted - oh my goodness, as a mother and wife I don't know of too many talents a woman couldn't use. The myriad of hats a homemaker wears gives her many opportunities to practice a wide range of skills.
How do you think girls can be Proverbs 31 women while still under their parents’ roof?
 Just the fact that you're asking these questions and thinking about this makes me feel you're going to be a Proverbs 31 wife. I don't really know what to say to this question except continually yield yourself to God so that He can shine through you. When He's living in you, you don't have to work at things because his life is being expressed through you - the law of kindness, being helpful to your family and diligent in your tasks. If I were to offer one idea, it might be something I heard about on the video "Return of the Daughters." See how you can help your dad and be a blessing to him.
It sounds like the Christian life doesn't it? A life of service just like Jesus showed when He was on earth.
What skills do you think a young lady should cultivate before marriage?
 I think that many skills are picked up naturally from your mother. If she does something a certain way, you will tend to do the same. If she is really good about getting meals on the table but tends to have a messy house, you will probably be the same or you might go the opposite direction - have a clean house and not be someone who spends much time in the kitchen. Mothers habits have an amazing influence on their girls.
But if I were to try and pick some helpful skills that I think would be wonderful to have when you get married, they would be:

1. Learn to live within a budget. Learn to save. Dave Ramsey's books are good but are not totally applicable to you in your single state, but he does talk about an emergency fund that might work for someone that's single. You could be thinking of your future marriage and saving up for that.

2. Be able to plan, shop and cook a few weeks worth of meals - breakfast included. Clean up after yourself.

3. Can you iron men's shirts? You'll have plenty to do later. Do you know how to sort clothes and why we sort them the way we do?

4. Can you keep your room clean on a daily basis? If you can't, this one will rear its head even when you're married.

5. Getting along with others. Are you able to get along with your parents and siblings? If not, this one will also rear its head.

As a mother who has raised or is raising children for the Lord, what advice do you offer?
 Pray for wisdom! I can't overstate this. Parenting is the hardest job in the world, in my opinion. Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy has had a big impact on my thinking and I highly recommend his books and writings. Do not get caught up in this world's philosophy that we're just to be caretakers of our children, we are to train them. This takes effort. Believe me it's not always convenient nor is it easy but it's what we must do. This is a huge topic, Anna. You asked some loaded questions girl!

How can one go about raising her children for God?
Read to your kids Bible stories. Give them Bible stories on tape and character building stories on tape so that when you can't be there reading, they can be listening. They love stories and will really enjoy being able to listen to them - anytime. Talk about things you're learning from the Messages and what your pastor preached on. Talk about what God is doing in your life, how he's answered prayer, etc. Your kids may be little but over supper, talk to your husband about these things. Your kids will hear and eventually understand and I believe it makes a difference. When you speak about God, He comes near. Remember that. Play Bro. Branham's message in your home. Let your children see that you value it. Pray with your kids at night, too.

As a homemaker, are there any tips or tricks that you could share? Meal planning is something that I feel makes your life simpler. Shopping once a week.

As a wife, what wisdom would you share with a single young lady? Learn to be submissive to your parents and it will follow that you will be submissive to your husband. This may sound old-fashioned but remember, true happiness can only come when we are doing what God designed us for and fulfilling His plan. Submission is slavery to this world's thinking and even wants to pervade our thinking as Christians but we must bring our thinking into subjection to what God says. Remember, God's way is always the best way.


Anna said...

Thank you SO much, Sister Elisabeth. :)I'm taking this to heart!

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Keep posting stuff like this Anna :)
I really enjoyed this post. Great job; Anna & Auntie Elisabeth


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What wonderful advice! It's so neat seeing the different areas that each lady touches on.

Anna said...

Zoe - I'm so happy to see somebody else who's interested in this kind of stuff. :)

Mama - Yes. It's neat to see all the different angles! :)

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