Friday, September 9, 2011

A Wonderful Adventure. (You'll like it! ... Um... I hope!)

Ah, yes. So exciting. At last I'm sitting down to write out a lovely little account of my visit to King's Island. Prepare to be captivated.

Okay. Maybe not.

Just try to enjoy it anyway. 'Kay?

So, we were driving there...and driving...and driving... for about two and a half hours. Then suddenly - there was the famous "drop tower" (A twenty-something story tower upon which some sort of contraption - filled with people - is raised slowly to the top and then dropped back to earth. (Yes. The people were screaming).

We got out of the van after trading a few words with the parking cashier (The person that collects the parking fee) and began making our way through the gates. (It already felt like I was standing in front of a fire - very close, actually - except that the fire seemed to be all around and on top of me.) 'Twas hot, you understand.

Eventually we made our way to "The Racer" a quick "little" roller coaster that was extremely bumpy and had waaaaay too many drops for my comfort.

Chillen's... I began to pray and continued to do so before and on nearly every ride that I rode that day.

My Dad had told me weeks before (when I was admitting that I always felt a very uncomfortable falling sensation when going over the "drop" on a roller coaster) that if you tighten your abs as the air force pilots do when flying, you won't get the aforesaid horrid feeling. Thus, barely breathing, I proceeded to clamp my stomach muscles into an invincible shield that was alleged to ward off horrible feelings on roller coasters. It worked. It actually worked. So, gasping and out of breath (I probably sounded like I had just gone through labor after each ride) I rejoiced.

After the "warm up" (as Dad called it) I tried to fix the bun that had been ruthlessly dragged to the back of my neck, despite all of the hairspray that I had used. It turned out to little avail and "The Vortex" (an amazing nest of twisted, loopy, upside-down-ness) didn't help matters much.

OH. You haven't met Mr. Vortex? This is he:   (Er, part of him, anyway.)

I didn't dare to open my eyes but twice on this ride, and after each time they were quickly squeezed shut again. This ride reached out a giant claw and gave my neck a wicked whack - but it felt better after I prayed.

Also on the honorable mention is a monster called "The Diamondback". (This was the ride that claimed poor Kara's lunch.) 'Twas one of Dad's favorites, (80 miles an hour and 10 drops) but I sat safely on the ground until the second whirl was ended. (I'm not sure that I'll ever go on that ride again.)  

I think this picture was taken at the time of the very first drop, which is two-hundred and thirty feet, if I remember correctly.

Yours truly took one glance at the seats on this particular roller coaster and inwardly began to tremble. They looked somewhat like kitchen chairs with plastic tongues (not nearly as tight as I wanted) to hold us in it.

I got on, however, and as the roller coaster climbed the first two-hundred and thirty (I'm serious. That's the actual measurement) foot drop, and the ground floated further away, I clamped my stomach muscles together and squeezed my eyes shut.

When we got to the top and were around the second curve......


I was out of my seat

I was flying through the air

I couldn't scream

I was too busy clamping my stomach muscles together.

Yes folks, I was floating betwixt the seat and the little plastic "wagon tongue" that was holding me in.

When I got off of that ride my legs were all shaky and my arms felt abnormally heavy, as if they were to large for my body to carry.

But, after all that, I did have two favorite roller coasters. My very favorite was "The Beast" a fast, clackity-clickety roller coaster that screamed through tunnels and rushed around curves. (It only had TWO drops. Loved it.) We rode it at least four times.

 My other favorite was a quick little roller coaster called the "Stunt Coaster" (Even faster and only one drop!!!)

Anyhow: I'm thankful to the Lord for protection (who knows what else could have happened out there...) and that we all had a good time. God still answers prayer.

It was a totally awesome experience and I'm not complaining, I just want you to know how amazing it was. :)

This is "The Firehawk" right before it twisted upside-down and left us hanging by our harnesses. :D


Bethany Grace said...

We went to the fair, and I think I prayed before every ride as well. :) Some family members nearly lost their lunch that they didn't eat. ;)

It looks like fun! But you couldn't pay me to do any of those rides, thank'ee. I congratulate you on being so brave. ;D


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun, but I'm also glad I wasn't there. I get sick just looking at those pictures. :( But thank the Lord He kept you all safe. Love you bunches, Mamph :D

Bailey said...

A warning to other innocent followers: Read this WELL AFTER your lunch.

But seriously........wowzers. You amaze me. I've never been on a roller coaster - just things that spin and rock around and stomach-churning horribleness like that.

If I go, I'm remembering your ab-clenching technique.

Zoƫ said...

Haha, you oughta come out here sometime and try out Hershey!
Love your blog...

Anna said...

Thank you all for your comments, they brighten my day. :)

Bailey - yes. It really works! I wonder how well it would do on the spinney stuff.

Zoe - I would LOVE to try out Hershey. Shall I come over on Saturday? ;) Jk.